The Most Popular Baby Boy Names Right Now

When it comes to naming a new baby, studying the Social Security Administration’s website might not make your initial list of to-do’s. But each year, this organization pulls together the most popular baby boy names given to the prior year’s crop of newborns, making it a useful place to read up on well-loved names for little ones.

If the popularity of a name gives you pause, consider that even the top baby names account for only a small percentage of each year’s newborns. For example, of the 3.75 million babies born in 2019, just over 20,000 were named Liam, one of the year’s most popular choices. So while your child won’t have the world’s most unique baby name, they won’t get lost in a sea of kids with the same name either.

Whether you’re at the start of your naming journey, or in the throes of decision fatigue, take a moment to read through the monikers parents around the U.S. gave to their baby boys last year. Below, check out the 100 most popular baby boy names of 2020 that are sure to inspire the most popular baby boy names of 2021, too.


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The 20 Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2020

1. Liam: This Irish name is seeing its second year at the top of this list, and it means “strong-willed warrior and protector.”

2. Noah: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “rest” and “comfort.”

3. Oliver: Comes from old Norse, meaning “ancestor’s descendant.”

4. Elijah: A biblical name meaning “My God is Yahweh.”

5. William: A traditionally English name, it means “With Gilded Helmet.”

6. James: A biblical name meaning “supplanter” or “replacer.”

7. Benjamin: Son of the south, or son of the right hand.

8. Lucas: Of Latin origin, meaning “bringer of light.”

9. Henry: This English name means “estate ruler.”

10. Alexander: Of Greek and Latin origin, Alexander means “defender of men.”

11. Mason: Originally a last name to signify “one who works with stone.”

12. Michael: A biblical name meaning “one who is like God.”

13. Ethan: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “firm, enduring, strong and long-lived.”

14. Daniel: Another biblical name, meaning “God is my judge.”

15. Jacob: Comes from the biblical story of Jacob, the name also means “supplanter.”

16. Logan: A Scottish name meaning “small hollow.”

17. Jackson: Originally used as a last name (or surname), meaning son of Jack or John.

18. Levi: Of Hebrew origin, it means to “join.”

19. Sebastian: Of Latin origin, Sebastian means “revered.”

20. Mateo: Of Latin origin, Mateo means “gift of God.”

Most Popular Baby Boy Names 21-100

21. Jack

22. Owen

23. Theodore

24. Aiden

25. Samuel

26. Joseph

27. John

28. David

29. Wyatt

30. Matthew

31. Luke

32. Asher

33. Carter

34. Julian

35. Grayson

36. Leo

37. Jayden

38. Gabriel

39. Isaac

40. Lincoln

41. Anthony

42. Hudson

43. Dylan

44. Ezra

45. Thomas

46. Charles

47. Christopher

48. Jaxon

49. Maverick

50. Josiah

51. Isaiah

52. Andrew

53. Elias

54. Joshua

55. Nathan

56. Caleb

57. Ryan

58. Adrian

59. Miles

60. Eli

61. Nolan

62. Christian

63. Aaron

64. Cameron

65. Ezekiel

66. Colton

67. Luca

68. Landon

69. Hunter

70. Jonathan

71. Santiago

72. Axel

73. Easton

74. Cooper

75. Jeremiah

76. Angel

77. Roman

78. Connor

79. Jameson

80. Robert

81. Greyson

82. Jordan

83. Ian

84. Carson

85. Jaxson

86. Leonardo

87. Nicholas

88. Dominic

89. Austin

90. Everett

91. Brooks

92. Xavier

93. Kai

94. Jose

95. Parker

96. Adam

97. Jace

98. Wesley

99. Kayden

100. Silas

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