Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun (And Free Printables for You!)

I’ve attended a lot of baby showers, including my own. At these events, I’ve guessed the baby’s weight and arrival date, I’ve ooh’d and aah’d over the cute baby items from my friend or family member’s registry (tiny clothes are really so cute), and I’ve even smelled diapers full of melted candy bars to guess their contents.

At the most recent baby shower I attended — which was lovely, by the way, with excellent food and boozy drinks for us non-preggers in the group — we had to attempt a baby-themed word scramble and word search. Through the process of completing the word scramble, some fellow moms sitting at the table with me discussed how we could make a more modern version — without outdated words like “Baby Powder”. One mom even suggested we needed a “Woke Moms” version with terms like, “Paid Parental Leave” and “Pumping at Work.”

So, our team created a word scramble for the modern mom, along with a few other free printable games for your next baby shower. Plus, we’ve rounded up a few other baby shower games and activities that don’t require you to sniff any faux doody-filled diapers. None of us need any more of those — fake or not.


The Everymom Baby Shower Printables


Word Scramble


Name That Song With Baby in the Title


Children’s Book Emoji Pictionary


Wishes & Hopes for Baby


Other Baby Shower Games and Activities


Guess the Celebrity Baby

This is easy to execute with a quick Google search and a printer. The photos could be displayed as part of the baby shower decor pinned with clothespins to a string or simply use the photos to create your own printable worksheet. Number each image and let the guests loose to have fun guessing.


Create a Nursery Keepsake

A quick Pinterest search will turn up ideas for this alternative baby shower activity. My personal favorite finds are creating the baby’s first alphabet book and making wall art for the nursery. For the book, each guest can design a page for their assigned letter of the alphabet. The hosts can then collect and bind the finished pages in a special book for baby.

For the wall art, have each guest stamp their thumbprint in a pattern on canvas or cardstock, which can create a whimsical pattern that looks like a bouquet of balloons (and since it’s a baby shower, have a pack of baby wipes nearby for guests to clean their thumbs).


Play the Baby Shower Version of These Party Games…


Baby Shower Scattergories

Inspired by one of my favorite board games Scattergories — baby shower version.


Would She Rather

A "Would You Rather?" game that's clean and appropriate for the girlfriends and the grandmas.



Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, but for parents.

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