We know that building a baby registry is a daunting task—there are a million options and it’s hard to separate a truly life-saving product from something you will use once. When we set out to nominate the winners for this year’s Everymom Baby Registry Awards, our team’s first priority was answering the question “what can make a new parent’s life easier?” Together with a panel of pediatric experts, The Everymom team (parents and editors who have seen every baby product out there!) curated a list of our 94 favorite baby products in 2024.

From the latest in strollers to smart items and diaper subscriptions that will save you time and money, our list is full of the latest trending innovations, classic favorites, and genuinely useful baby gear.

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The Everymom’s Registry Awards is curated by our editorial team and a panel of pediatric experts, with some items hand-picked by editors from our sponsors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. As always, we only choose items we genuinely love, use, have purchased ourselves, or recommend.


The Experts

Michelle Pratt is a nationally certified child passenger safety expert and the owner of Safe in the Seat.
Dr. Krupa Playforth is a board-certified pediatrician and mother of three whose mission is to create a safe space with practical, educational content for parents.
Dana Peters is a registered dietitian specializing in family and kids nutrition in the Chicago suburbs.
Michele Wawerski is a mom, social worker, and founder of Peaceful Littles, a certified professional sleep consultant service.
We partnered with a team of pediatric experts across categories—from pediatrics and sleep to feeding and car seats—to curate a list of the most useful and highly-trusted baby registry products just for you.
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Bobbie's science-backed ingredients are rigorously tested and certified organic. With convenient doorstep delivery, we trust in Bobbie to help you feed your baby with confidence and ease.
Neela Sethi, MD, a pediatrician and MAM Baby Ambassador, recommends MAM’s Anti-Colic bottles due to their patented vented base that reduces air inhalation, which helps minimize gas. Their nipple shape and texture also feels similar to moms’ nipples for easy bottle-to-breast switching.
This genius new Baby Brezza Bottle Washer automatically washes, sterilizes, and dries bottles, pump parts, sippy cups, and accessories. Say goodbye to your bottle brush and kitchen clutter!
Baby's Only USDA Organic Certified infant formula is clinically proven to support infant growth starting from birth. Available at most retailers, it's beloved by parents nationwide.
The perfect all-in-one first feeding set that includes two bibs, a plate, bowl, cup, and utensils.
This is a life and time-saver for formula feeding moms! It eliminates the guesswork of bottle prep for caregivers and makes and heats bottles all in one helpful product.
Steam, cook, and blend baby food all in one amazing device. The new model has an updated glass blender. Available in several very chic colors.
Our readers and editors love Mockingbird's stroller—and now they have a high chair! Not only is it convertible as your child grows, but it features silicone-coated straps for easy cleanup. Plus, its aesthetic design fits seamlessly into any home.
For spitty and refluxy babies, these burp cloths are outfit savers. They're as soft as they are pretty.
The Boppy is a must-have item for breastfeeding moms during those early weeks. It makes holding baby so much more comfortable as you adjust to new feeding positions.
Having a hospital strength breast pump is so helpful during the early days. With its high rating and expert backing, this one is our choice!
This is the most loved (and shopped!) wearable breast pump by our readers—and our team agrees!
expert tip
Have a feeding plan in place before your baby is born so you can stock up on essentials, but know that it's OK for your plan to change. The best way to feed is the way that works for both the baby and the parents.
Dana Peters, MS, RD Registered Dietitian
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The 2.0 model of Mockingbird's stroller features amazing versatility and can fit up to three kids. It’s similar to the UPPAbaby Vista—but half the price.
This stroller grows with your family as it can be configured into countless combinations, fitting a little one's needs from infancy to toddlerhood.
The Doona may be the most flexible car seat on the market. It’s incredibly popular in cities because it transfers from a portable car seat to a stroller instantly.
Michelle Pratt, founder of Safe in the Seat, recommends this stroller for any growing family. It has over 20 seat configurations and a rider board accessory.
The Babyzen YOYO² weighs just over 13 pounds and includes a helpful shoulder strap for easy portability. This is an awesome option for a lightweight travel stroller that's just what any mom needs.
This stroller is great for everyday use with its large and adjustable seat, under-seat basket, and canopy. It’s awesome for travel as it easily folds and unfolds, offers hands-free carrying, and fits in plane overhead compartments and compact car trunks.
At under $70, this light stroller is a great option for travel or everyday use. It’s lightweight and has a compact fold, a large storage basket, a durable steel frame, and provides a safe and comfortable ride for your little one.
If you're a family that is up for any outdoor adventure, you can't go wrong with the BOB Renegade Wagon. It fits up to three kids and features large XtraMile tires to absorb all the bumps.
everymom tip
A stroller is likely one of the biggest baby gear investments you’ll make as a parent. Make sure you consider your lifestyle, transportation, space, and budget to make going out with your baby easy and enjoyable for everyone.
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Recreating baby's sleep environment is key when traveling. The Sumberpod completely blacks out the sleep space for your baby with vents for airflow, space for your monitor, and an included fan.
Our pick for best travel crib thanks to its light weight, easy setup, and portability—it converts into a backpack! Plus, its sturdy design means it can grow with baby well into toddlerhood.
These curtains have suction cups to allow you to instantly black out baby's sleeping space for better sleep away from home.
Ten snoozy sounds, one portable package. Rest Go is the new essential sound machine that helps babies sleep anytime, anywhere.
This portable chair makes going out to eat or eating while traveling so much easier. Plus, it's easy to clean—key for any gear connected to mealtimes.
Whether packing bottles, breastmilk, or refrigerated snacks, this travel cooler—with removeable ice pack—ensures baby has what they need on the go.
For city-dwellers or frequent travelers, the Pico is a convenient pick once toddlers grow out of a rear-facing car seat. It's lightweight, folds up, is FAA-approved, and can be used three across in a backseat.
The Doona may be the most flexible car seat on the market. It’s incredibly popular in cities because it transfers from a portable car seat to a stroller instantly. However, because it’s essentially a car seat and stroller in one, it does come at a hefty price point (over $500).
expert tip
The most helpful way to ensure your baby’s sleep stays on track while traveling is to recreate their sleep space. Bring familiar sleep associations from home, such as a sleep sack, lovey, or sound machine.
Michele Wawerski, Peaceful Littles
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Car Seats

According to Michelle Pratt, founder of Safe in the Seat, this lightweight seat has a seat belt lock-off that makes installation very easy. It even fits preemies and is great if you need to fit three car seats across in the back seat.
This infant car seat is also recommended by Pratt because of its quick installation, added safety features, and compact design. “It’s one of the most compact infant seats available, so it’s a great option for families who have smaller vehicles and/or tall front passengers," she noted.
With a great safety rating and sturdy convertible construction, this car seat feels more durable than some others—which is a major plus. The seat’s straps are also easy to use and it’s, overall, easy to install in a car.
According to Pratt, this car seat has the same shell and features as other, higher-priced models but this one is at a much more affordable price for $159.
At only 17" wide, this new release by Britax is one of Pratt's top convertible car seat picks to fit three across. It's easy to install and uses naturally flame retardant—and machine-washable—fabric.
This highly-rated car seat can be rotated from rear-facing mode with one hand to easily get baby in and out of the car. Plus, it’s easy to install and can grow with your child from a rear-facing infant seat to a forward-facing harness seat to a highback booster seat.
expert tip
When doing the final car seat installation check, ensure it doesn't move more than 1 inch when checked at the belt path. The belt path is where you connect your car seat to your car! Give it a handshake and make sure it's in there nice and tight.
Michelle Pratt, Safe in the Seat
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Many of our editors used this convertible crib with their littles. It's easy to put together and grows with baby from a newborn crib to a toddler bed.
This crib mattress tops our list for most innovative design—not foam or coil, this hypoallergenic mattress is made with a Wovenaire core that’s 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer, providing the same comfort with more breathability.
This is our readers' most-shopped crib sheet and for good reason—they come in adorable patterns and are made with certified non-toxic dyes.
Everyone's favorite brand for must-have baby and mom products, FridaBaby just launched a new humidifier!
Many cribs transition from crib to toddler bed, and The Wave Crib takes it one step further, starting as a mini crib. The mini crib is super compact, comes with a mini crib mattress, and can take the place of a bassinet.
If a changing table is on your list, you can't go wrong with this Babyletto convertible dresser that looks just as good in a baby's room as it will as a dresser in a big kid's space.
Setting up a nursery can be overwhelming, but these reader-favorite drawer dividers can take some of the stress out of it. They come in a pack of four and are expandable, meaning they can be adjusted to fit almost any dresser.
A comfy glider can make all the difference for a new parent. The Namesake Crewe has our vote because it's quiet, comfortable, durable, and stain-resistant—plus it reclines and swivels.
A bookrack is one piece that can seamlessly go from a baby or toddler's room into a big kid's space. You'll need a chic place to store all of those books that your little is bound to receive as gifts over the years.
You might think the $130 price point on this mini crib and matress bundle is too good to be true, but hundreds of glowing reviews suggest otherwise. It can be adjusted to two different heights as baby grows—and can even be converted to a twin bed as well!
everymom tip
Yes, it’s a room for the baby, but mom will clock some serious hours there too. If it’s a room you love, you’re less likely to feel the need to redesign it a few years down the road.
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Sound machine, nightlight, and clock, this smart sleep assistant does it all! Plus, you can change the device's sounds and lights remotely with the Hatch app.
While pricey, this swaddle can defeat even the strongest ninja baby from escape. If you want your infant tucked in tight and safely, this swaddle is it!
This baby monitor does way more than just provide a great view of your baby—you can set up push notifications to the device of your choice and see baby from anywhere without lugging extra gear around.
One of the newest and most buzzworthy bassinets on the market from editor-favorite baby mattress brand Newton!
With a front zipper and adjustable underarm snaps, this cozy blanket will have your little one actually sleeping like a baby.
According to the AAP, pacifier use is associated with reducing the risk of SIDS. And not only do these pacifiers come in cute colors, but they're easy for baby to keep in their mouth and eventually grasp.
Parents who have been through the newborn phase with a SNOO bassinet agree this is a sleep saver. It's a pricey investment for both your sleep and sanity, but many say it's well worth it.
A new smart wearable monitor that tracks baby's movement, heart rate, skin temperature, and more. Reviewers are saying it's "better than the Owlet!"
Super soft and super stretchy for easy swaddling, our editors loved having these versatile swaddle blankets on hand. Plus, they come in tons of cute patterns and get softer with each wash, meaning they might even become a lovey as your baby grows.
This is a IYKYK kind of item that our editors love to recommend. It makes no sense if you haven't been there, but you will thank us later.
expert tip
Remember that an overtired baby does not sleep well. Prioritizing sleep during the day will also help your baby sleep well at night.
Michele Wawerski, Peaceful Littles
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Every parent needs a spot to safely put baby down. This editor-and reader-favorite bouncer folds flat for easy transporation and storage with an aesthetic that doesn't scream baby gear. Purchase the add-on toy bar for extra fun!
The perfect combo between a wrap and a more structured carrier to use from the newborn days through the first year. Plus, it's easy to put on, cozy for baby, and comfortable for parents and caregivers.
With baby's safety first in mind, this sleek and cozy lounger is made for active bonding time.
House of Noa's play mats with beautiful patterns "allow for easily-assembled play surfaces for floor time for baby. They are very easy to pack up, transport, wipe down, and fit to all different types of spaces/areas," noted Pediatric Physical Therapist Mary Noreen Cheng.
Baby gates are a must-have item for once your little one becomes mobile. Use this subtly chic retractable gate to keep babies safe on stairs, contained in playrooms, or separated from pets.
Unlike the straps and clips on typical carriers, wraps cuddle baby to their caregiver with soft fabric. We love the Moby baby wrap for its ease-of-use and size inclusivity.
Be ready to mitigate potential risks and hazards at home when baby becomes mobile with this kit that includes the basics for outlets, sharp corners, and locks.
A handy alternative to cupboard safety latches, try these invisible magnetic cabinet locks while baby-proofing your home.
everymom tip
Remember, baby gear is all about making life easier for parents and safer for baby—from baby carriers to keep your hands-free to baby gates and baby-proofing kids to keep little ones safe at home as they grow.
Dr. Jamie Smith, 
the best of


Our editors love Tubby Todd's All Over Ointment, and the full newborn bath set is just as trustworthy. It continues to be at the top of our registry recommendations for new moms.
A great baby tub option that grows with your little—from newborn to sit-and-splash age—and comes in two cute colors. Plus, it can be used as a toddler sensory bin later!
There are a bunch of baby baths on the market, but we like this one best because it can be used during the newborn, infant, and toddler stages.
This handy set includes everything moms need for an easy bath time experience with their little one, like an elbow rest, spout cover, kneeler, and rinser.
This FridaBaby kit is must-have registry item because it includes nearly everything you'll need for baby for grooming, health and wellness, and teething. Some favorites included are the NoseFrida SnotSucker and Windi Gaspasser.
Baby's first illness is a milestone no parent looks forward to, but the NozeBot can be a big help for nasal congestion using gentle, hospital-grade suction.
The moment you take the baby out of the bath, it can be a scramble to get your little one wrapped up and warm—that's why a hooded towel is a must. This one can be personalized, too!
Another editor must-have product is this set of six washcloths made of super-soft organic cotton. They're handy to use in the bath, but can also be used during meal time, around the changing table, and more.
everymom tip
The first baby bath can be an intimidating experience, so make it easy on yourself with the right gear—within arm’s reach—and you’ll find your rhythm.
the best of


These play kits provide high-yield, high-quality, and developmentally-targeted toys. Lovevery makes it easy to play with baby starting at the newborn phase.
Sensory toys are the easiest and most beneficial way to interact with your newborn, and this bundle from Melissa & Doug has you covered for those first six months.
Stacking cups are a classic toy for a reason: they promote hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills development, and open-ended play. This set comes in two cute colors and is made of soft and gentle food-grade silicone.
A classic learning toy that can double as nursery decor and grow with baby when they're ready for building, letter recognition, and open-ended play.
We've never met a parent who owned this product and didn't say it was one of the heroes of the baby stage. Babies are enthralled by the songs and love to grasp the toys above.
Designed in collaboration with Montessori experts, this milestone-driven play gym encourages tummy time and parent-baby connection.
Our editor Kathy still cries every time she reads this lovely book by Nancy Tillman. The rhythmic story is perfect for reading out loud to your new little one—and great for baby showers that request a book in lieu of a card.
Babies love teether toys—and they love dropping them, too. This new "mitten" design is soft, easy to clean, and ensures your little one can easily hold on to their teether while using it.
This black and white travel toy is perfect for on-the-go stimulation as well as being added to play gyms or used on the floor for tummy time.
Our baby experts agree, the Oball is a great first toy for baby because it's easy to grab and lightweight to hold. And 12,000+ shoppers agree with 5/5-star ratings!
everymom tip
In case no one has told you this yet, it's totally OK if playing with your newborn feels kind of unnatural. It's important to remember that play time will look different for every parent and child.
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If there was an award for most-shopped diaper bag by our readers, this one would take the seal! You'll be lugging around your little one's things for a few years, so you may as well do it in style.
Take it from one of our editors with a newborn baby: "My daughter has not had a single code brown since I switched to Coterie." Plus with the subscription, you'll never run out of diapers in the middle of the night.
Our experts agree, Keekaroo's changing pad is great because it is easy to wipe down and durable, while being stable and safe!
Our readers love this Target diaper caddy for its functionality and pretty aesthetic.
"I feel very strongly about this diaper pail," said our editor-in-chief. Not only does it do the job and keep the odors at bay, it's stylish and sleek.
Our readers also can't get enough of this fanny pack diaper bag. It fits all your on-the-go must-haves in a small, easy-to-carry space.
Our editors agree, this is the strongest formula out there for baby rashes. Believe us, a rapid cure is a miracle and this one stays on longer without reapplication.
When you do have to apply rash cream, this under-the-radar applicator can make things a little less messy.
expert tip
Most parents aren't putting on enough diaper ointment. The key is to put on a thick layer, like you're frosting a cupcake! Thick diaper ointment provides a barrier between skin irritants and allows the skin an opportunity to heal.
Dr. Krupa Playforth, Pediatrician
the best

For Moms

Featuring bamboo briefs, a nightgown, robe, and a pair of comfy socks, this is the ultimate luxe gift for a new mom to pack in her hospital bag.
The ultimate care pack, this editor-favorite set from Frida Mom includes all the essentials for labor, delivery, and postpartum healing—from a delivery gown and peri bottle to padsicles and postpartum undies.
Trust us when we say that we wouldn't recommend yet *another* tumbler unless it was really worth it. Our editors have been singing the praises of Owala water bottles all year, and this 40oz option (which comes in several adorable color combos) is the perfect size to keep a postpartum mom hydrated.
The right nipple cream can make all of the difference as your body adjusts to feeding another human. This one is made with organic ingredients so you don’t have to wash it off before feeding your baby.
A convenient way to add helpful services such as a night nurse, car seat installation, newborn photography, etc. right to your Target baby registry.
This new release of Kindred Bravely's patented bra design offers a seamless and supportive silhouette perfect for pregnancy and postpartum—all hands-free! New moms know how precious that freedom is.
everymom tip
Let’s face it, most of the gifts an expectant mom receives at her baby shower are for the baby. Make sure to add some gifts for mom to the registry to give people a chance to treat you, too!
best baby registries

The Best Baby Registries of 2024

everymom tip
Mamas can begin building their registry as soon as they find out they’re pregnant—or adopting. It’s best to start early, although many expecting parents wait until around 12 weeks.