Unexpected Baby Gear Items Our Editors Registered For

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unexpected registry

Like many things in life, crafting the perfect baby registry can be tough the first time around. It’s one of those ‘how do you know what you don’t know?’ enigmas that new parents become all too accustomed to. When it comes to knowing what we’ll need for all things raising babies, postpartum care, and general life with a little one, we tend to learn as we go. But, one thing we learn early on in motherhood is that leaning on other moms can be incredibly beneficial. 

It’s one of the reasons The Everymom exists in the first place—to share advice, ideas, laughs, and recommendations with other moms and parents-to-be. Our editors have learned a thing or two about parenting and tackling the postpartum journey as moms themselves. Here, we’re sharing some nuggets of knowledge from our editors in the baby registry department. 

Of course, there are the pillars of a baby registry. Things like diapering, feeding, and other essentials are priorities. But, there are also a few unexpected baby registry items our editors included (or wish they had!), that made becoming a new parent even a little bit easier. Here we’re sharing the unexpected baby registry items our editors included on their wish list!


Unexpected Baby Registry Items to Consider


Gear to Make Leaving the House Easier

It can initially be intimidating to leave the house with a new baby. Our editors found these products made it easier. 

mom and baby in stroller
Summer Infant

Travel Stroller

"While I loved my big stroller, this became our go-to when my son got a little older. We took this stroller everywhere and it was so easy and light to fold up or carry up and down the subway stairs." —Roberta Correia, Editor-in-Chief

unexpected baby registry items

Baby Car Monitor

"Driving with a new baby is nerve-racking (and I did a lot of driving—our pediatrician is 45 minutes away). With my first baby, I registered for a mirror but found myself turning around, squinting, and unsafely focusing my attention on the mirror. We eventually purchased the video monitor, I could visibly see my child so much better and felt driving was safer without having to look so hard. While we gave our car monitor away when we no longer needed it, this handy item will make it’s way back on my list for my second!" —Megan Kemp, Sr. Sales Manager Brand Partnerships


Different Baby Carrier Styles

“I registered for a typical baby carrier, which my husband preferred for outdoor walks, the commute to daycare, etc., but I realized I also wanted something a little more comfy/cozy to wear my baby around the house. I ended up loving a baby wrap for at-home baby wearing.” —Kathy Sisson, Editor

Ergobaby 360 Soft Structured Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support - For Babies - Pure Black - 12-45 lbs

Ergobaby 360 Soft Structured Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support

This soft, supportive, and easy-to-strap-on baby carrier is so helpful to parents and other caregivers.

MOBY Baby Wrap

Baby Wrap

Unlike the straps and clips on baby carriers, baby wraps cuddle baby to their caregiver with soft fabric. We love the Moby baby wrap for its ease-of-use and size inclusivity.


Multiple Docking Stations for Baby

Every parent or caregiver needs a spot to safely put baby down. And if you have a home with multiple levels, it can help to have “docking stations” in more than one location. 

Baby Bjorn Balance Bouncer
Baby Bjorn


This editor-and reader-favorite bouncer folds flat for easy transporation and storage with an aesthetic that doesn't scream baby gear. Purchase the add on toy bar for extra fun!

House of Noa Puzzle Playmat
House of Noa

Puzzle Play Mat

Puzzle playmats—like this gorgeous mat from House of Noa—"allow for easily assembled play surfaces for floor time for baby. They are very easy to pack up, transport, wipe down, and fit to all different types of spaces/areas," —Mary Noreen Cheng, pediatric physical therapist

baby in pack n play

Play Yard

"While playpens seem like something from 1980s parenting, they are definitely useful. It is crazy how much little ones move as soon as they can roll. I remember finding my baby had rolled under her crib after leaving her on the floor of her nursery for a second. A portable play yard keeps them safe and contained." —Kathy Sisson, Editor


Less Baby Outfits, More Baby Basics

From spit-ups to diaper blowouts, babies can go through a LOT of clothes in a day. Take it from seasoned moms that cute outfits aren’t nearly as important in those early days as things like zipper pajamas, burp cloths, bibs, and loads of onesies. Here are some of our favorites.

Burt's Bees Bee Essentials Organic Short Sleeve Baby Bodysuits 5 Pack
Burt's Bees

Organic Onesies

These super-soft, organic onesies are a perfect layer for warmth in colder temps or an outfit for warmer weather.

Little Sleepies Zippy Sleepers
Little Sleepies

Zippy Sleepers

Unless medically necessary, no parent wants snaps on their newborn sleepers. Baby can live in these super soft zipper pajamas and they somehow magically stretch and grow with them!

Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs
Aden + Anais

Burpy Bibs

For spitty and refluxy babies these burp clothes are outfit savers! With snaps that close around their neck for 360 degree coverage you will be so grateful to only change bibs not clothes!

unexpected registry baby basics

Sleep 'n Plays

These budget-friendly cotton sleepers also have a two-way zipper—making them super convenient for diaper changes.

multiple colors and patterns available


Extra Baby Proofing 

Once baby gets mobile, baby-proofing is essential. New parents can do their future-selves a favor by baby-proofing before the baby comes so it’s one less thing to do during those first months.

Baby Proofing Kit

Baby Proofing Kit

Mitigate potential risks and hazards at home with this kit. It includes the basics for sockets, sharp corner guards, and locks.

Invisible Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Invisible Magnetic Cabinet Locks

For a handy alternative to cupboard safety latches, try these invisible magnetic cabinet locks.

Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate
Amazon | Perma Child

Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

This subtly chic retractable gate keeps little ones safe on stairs, contained in play rooms, or as a way to separate baby from pets.

indoor/outdoor use

safety item

Furniture Anchors

"I baby-proofed every socket, coffee table corner, and kitchen cupboard, but after hearing friend after friend have near misses with toppled dressers I went all-out on anchoring TVs and furniture." —Kathy Sisson, Editor


Postpartum Products for Mom

Don’t forget to put yourself on the list with these registry gear picks just for postpartum moms.

instant ice maxi pads


"With my second pregnancy, I registered for a few more postpartum care items than I did with my first since I knew what to expect. My number one product that I knew I would use over and over again were the Frida Mom Instant Ice Packs. Many moms recommend making ice packs before the baby arrives, but being pregnant while taking care of a toddler didn’t leave a lot of room for DIY projects. These stayed cold for hours at a time and provided much needed relief those few weeks after baby arrived." —Steph Alleva Cornell, Branded Content Editor

nursing tanks unexpected baby registry items
Kindred Braverly

Nursing Tanks

"After I had my baby I realized I’d focused so much of my baby registry on the baby, I didn’t even think about what I might need postpartum. Luckily, I had a cousin who’d recently had a baby too. She bought me her favorite nursing tank I wore all the time instead of a nursing bra—and ordered more for myself." —Kathy Sisson, Editor

available in sizes S-XXL and 2 colors available

nursing pads

Reusable and Washable Nursing Pads

"A breastfeeding must-have! If there was one thing I wasn’t prepared for during my breastfeeding journey—it would have been boob leakage. These are so soft and comfortable, plus they’re washable/reusable." —Nyla Montanez, Social Media Editor

40z tumbler

Oversized Water Bottle With Handle

"I can’t begin to describe how thirsty I was for the first 3 months after I brought my little guy home from the hospital. In the spirit of 'take everything they let you from the hospital', I grabbed the big jug I had used to drink water there and it remained by my side for a solid year. This was pre-Stanley Cup craze so now the only thing I can suggest is making sure you have a 'ludicrously capacious' cup for all of your drinking needs. It’s actually become my go-to post-baby gift for friends." —Roberta Correia, Editor-in-Chief

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