The Best Baby Sleep Products New Parents Love


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baby sleep products"
baby sleep products
Source: Pexels/Laura Garcia
Source: Pexels/Laura Garcia

Ask any parent who has just been through the newborn phase, and they’ll tell you—sleep is something that you both lack and think about every day. Baby sleep is one of the most daunting parts of being a new parent, and there is no way around the fact that, as parents, we lose sleep. So, is the battle for sleep as a new parent a lost cause? Absolutely not! There’s no magic cure for the lack of sleep during the newborn phase, but there are a few things (and baby sleep products) to consider when it comes to setting your baby and yourself up for success. 

“I highly recommend viewing their sleep as a puzzle and making sure all of the necessary pieces are in place,” says Michele Wawerski, founder of Peaceful Littles and certified professional sleep consultant. While it’s a reality that you’ll have to get used to new sleep patterns and definitely some sleepless nights, helping baby get into a healthy sleep routine is something you can help control when you take a few parts of that puzzle under consideration. According to Wawerski, those factors are sleep environment, bedtime routine, schedule, soothing response, room acclimation, and consistency. “Pediatric sleep is a journey. Remaining consistent with a sleep plan will allow your little one to fall into a great sleep routine,” adds Wawerski. 

Michele waterski
Meet the Expert

Michele Wawerski, MSW

Michele Wawerski is a mom, social worker, and founder of Peaceful Littles, a certified professional sleep consultant service.

Don’t get me wrong, we know that all we can do is try our best as parents, and not all babies or families are equal—so whatever works for you is what you should focus on. But if you’re looking for a few products to help baby sleep and keep them safe and cozy, and perhaps even get you a few more minutes of sleep, you’ve come to the right place. 

From bassinets to swaddle blankets, the best sound machine, a smart monitor, and even a baby shusher (IYKYK!), these are our picks for the best baby sleep products to add to your registry.

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Monitors & Noise Machines

hatch rest
Amazon | Hatch
Rest+ 2nd Gen

Sound machine, nightlight, and clock, this smart sleep assistant does it all! Plus, you can change the device’s sounds and lights remotely with the Hatch app.

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nanit pro monitor
Pottery Barn Kids | Nanit
Pro Camera Baby Monitor

This baby monitor does more than just provide a great view of your baby! You can set up push notifications to the device of your choice and see baby from anywhere without lugging extra gear around.

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wearable monitor
Target | Halo
SleepSure Baby Monitor

A new smart wearable monitor that tracks baby’s movement, heart rate, skin temperature, and more. Reviewers are saying it’s “better than the Owlet!”

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baby sleep products
Dream Duo 2

The Dream Duo hits at a higher price point, but there is a peace of mind that comes with this smart monitor and sock duo. Tracking baby’s sleep patterns and quality helps take the guesswork out of when to put them down for naps and when they get the best sleep.

3 colors available

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baby shusher
Sleep Miracle Soother

This is an IYKYK kind of item that our editors love to recommend. It makes no sense if you haven’t been there, but you will thank us later.

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Newton Baby

One of the newest and most buzzworthy bassinets on the market from editor-favorite baby mattress brand Newton!

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snow bassinet
Happiest Baby
SNOO Smart Bassinet

Parents who have been through the newborn phase with a SNOO bassinet agree this is a sleep saver. It’s a pricey investment for both your sleep and sanity, but many say it’s well worth it.

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BassiNest Swivel Sleeper
Target | Halo Innovations
Bassinet Swivel Sleeper 3.0

Two of our editors and a sleep expert recommend this easy-to-use bassinet. The swivel feature allows for extra close sleep while still being safe during those first few months of baby’s life.

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baby sleep products
Nordstrom | Design Dua
Prism Bilia Bassinet

A chic and portable Moses basket-style bassinet is a great way to keep baby snug and safe while they nap. This gorgeous basket, handcrafted in Ghana, can be used for storage or decoration when baby outgrows it.

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Swaddle Blankets, Sleep Sacks, & PJs

ollie swaddle
The Ollie World
The Ollie Swaddle

While pricey, this swaddle can defeat even the strongest ninja baby from escape. If you want your infant tucked in tight and safely, this swaddle is it!

7 colors available

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sleepy bag
Little Sleepies
Sleepy Bag

With a front zipper and adjustable underarm snaps, this cozy blanket will have your little one actually sleeping like a baby.

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kyte baby sleep bag
Kyte Baby
Sleep Bag

As soon as baby is out of the swaddle, you will love this extra soft sleep bag that comes in three different weights depending on your climate.

10+ colors and patterns available

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baby sleep products
Swaddle Box

It’s impossible to predict which swaddle blanket will click with your baby. Babylist’s swaddle box is the perfect way to try out different types, from Love to Dream, Happiest Baby, Halo, and Aden + Anais.

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little sleepies
Little Sleepies
Zip Rompers/Sleepers

Unless medically necessary, no parent wants snaps on their newborn sleepers. Baby can live in these super soft zipper pajamas, and they somehow magically stretch and grow with them!

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baby sleep products
Burt’s Bees Baby
Organic Baby Zip Front Loose Fit Footed Sleep & Play

A cozy and cute pair of baby PJs doesn’t have to break the bank. This budget-friendly option from Burt’s Bees is one of our editors’ favorites.

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Crib Mattresses & Sheets

best baby mattress, best crib mattress, newton crib mattress
Newton Baby
Breathable Crib Mattress

This crib mattress tops our list for most innovative design—not foam or coil—this hypoallergenic mattress is made with a Wovenaire core that’s 90 percent air and 10 percent food-grade polymer, providing the same comfort with more breathability.

4 colors available

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burt's bees crib sheets
Burt’s Bees Baby
Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet

Burt’s Bees Baby’s cozy jersey knit crib sheets come in many prints and solid colors and are so soft for your sweet little one’s skin.

10+ colors and patterns available

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crib sheets
Fitted Crib Sheets

You’ll need lots of crib sheets, so a three-pack that comes in great patterns and is comfy and cozy is a must.

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Other Essentials 

muslin swaddles
Target | ADEN + ANAIS
Muslin Blanket Set

Super soft and super stretchy for easy swaddling, our editors loved having these versatile swaddle blankets on hand. Plus, they come in tons of cute patterns and get softer with each wash, meaning they might even become a lovey as your baby grows.

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bibs pacifiers
Amazon | BIBS
Pacifier Bundle

According to the AAP, pacifier use is associated with reducing the risk of SIDS. And not only do these pacifiers come in cute colors, but they’re easy for baby to keep in their mouth and eventually grasp.

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baby sleep products
Babylist | BIBS
Try-It Pacifier Collection

Not all pacifiers are made equal, and not all babies prefer the same thing. Take the guesswork out of it by trying this multi-pack from editor-favorite paci brand BIBS.

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baby sleep products
No Tools Cordless Blackout Shade

A blackout shade is key to inducing sleep and keeping baby asleep.

3 colors & 6 sizes available

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baby sleep products
Pottery Barn
Quincy Cotton Canvas Blackout Curtain Panel

Not only does Pottery Barn’s blackout curtain panel help block light to set up an ideal sleep environment for babies, but it also reduces noise.

8 colors & 7 sizes available

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