Baby’s First Christmas Gifts That Are Actually Cute

The holidays and Christmas take on a whole new kind of magic when you’re experiencing them again through the eyes of your children, especially when you’re celebrating the first holiday season with your new bundle of joy.

I remember I couldn’t wait to introduce my baby to her extended family around the holidays. I imagined everyone swooning over her and pictured us bundling up and strolling downtown to take in the twinkling magic of Michigan Avenue at night. My husband, a closeted Clark Griswold, was also looking forward to “a big old-fashioned family Christmas” and embracing some traditions from his own childhood. Meanwhile, our baby daughter was not even 3 months old and couldn’t quite absorb all of the magic we were bestowing on her, but it was memorable for us.

We were also gifted quite a few “Baby’s First Christmas” bibs, blankets, pajamas, and ornaments. Certainly, it’s kind and generous of family and friends to gift special keepsakes to our children, and I don’t want to leave out gratitude, especially at this time of year. But not every gift is exactly adorable or what you might choose yourself. Plus, sometimes it’s special to gift your new baby something heartfelt their parents picked out especially for them. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite baby’s first holiday items.



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