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10 Last Minute Back-to-School Items You Haven’t Thought About Yet


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last minute back to school items"
last minute back to school items
Graphics: Kirra Wallace
Graphics: Kirra Wallace

Is it just us, or is each summer passing by faster than the last? Or maybe it feels that way because back-to-school items flood the stores earlier and earlier each year. Our local Target was setting up their school supply section late June, and I had to do a double take. However, even with products hitting the shelves early, it’s easy to tell yourself you have enough time to get everything—until you don’t.

It may be a universal parent experience to have 50 items on your to-do list right before school starts. And even if you miraculously accomplish all 50, the first day of school arrives and you realize there were five more you forgot. We’ll save you the mental gymnastics of trying to remember everything your family needs before it’s too late. You already have too much to think about anyway—so here are 10 last-minute back-to-school items you probably haven’t thought about yet.

back to school items firefly toothbrush
Battery Powered Toothbrush Kit

Brushing your preschooler or elementary-aged kiddo's teeth can be the catalyst for a giant meltdown during bedtime and morning routines. To avoid this particular headache a few of our editor's use this Sonic the Hedgehog battery powered toothbrush from Firefly. It turns brushing into a game with the lights, music, and verbal encouragement from Sonic. This helps our littles brush the full two minutes and promotes healthy habits without the fuss.

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school supply organizer
School Supply Desk Organizer

You've purchased all their supplies, but now you need somewhere to store them all when they bring it all back home after school. This one spins and has a handle for easy carrying.

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USB-C drive
Target | heyday
USB-C (64GB) Flash Drive

If your kid's school provides a lot of digital documents, then we suggest storing everything in one flash drive. You can also scan forms (this can be done with most phones) they bring home and add it to the drive so there's less possibility of losing important information—cause how many times have we accidentally thrown away school papers?

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visual timer
Amazon | Time Timer
Visual Timer

Visual timers help kids understand time and manage tasks after-school—especially with homework and chores. They provide a calm transition between activities and ease workload during stressful situations.

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The Everygirl x Day Designer
2023-24 Academic Planner

We may be a bit biased, but a reliable planner is a must-have for busy school years. There's so much going on in everyone's schedule that it's hard to stay on top of it all without writing everything down.

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emergency contact sheet
Emergency Medical Card

Emergency cards can be added to your LO's backpack for further peace of mind.

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power strip
Extension Cord with USB Port

Most schools provide older students with devices to do their homework and study with—an increase in devices for the family means a bigger need for various charging zones.

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charging doc station
Charging Station Organizer

And speaking of more devices and charging cables, you're going to need a convenient way to organize it all.

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wall hooks
Wooden Coat and Backpack Hooks

You already know where kids immediately throw all of their school belongings once they're home. Keep coats and backpacks off the floor with hooks that aren't an eyesore.

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shoe organizer entryway
Entryway Shoe Storage Cabinet

Keep your entryway clutter free with stylish shoe storage. This one is slim and doesn't take up too much space.

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Firefly, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.