12 Fun Hanukkah Crafts and Activities To Do With Kids

Sometimes I’m at a loss for ways to keep my toddler entertained. She bounces from one activity to the next in a matter of minutes, and suddenly, I’m out of ideas. I love spending time with my toddler, but the minutes can sometimes feel like hours when we don’t have an engaging activity to do.

And this is where holiday-themed crafts come in! If I’m ever out of ideas for ways to occupy our time, I think about whatever holiday or season is coming up next and focus our plans around that. I’ve recently been brainstorming Hanukkah-themed crafts as we head into the winter holiday season.

While I’m used to seeing tons of Christmas crafts to choose from, it takes a bit more effort to find ones for Hanukkah. But once you start searching, you’ll quickly see that there are so many fun crafts to do with your kids to celebrate the festival of lights. There are lots of cute ideas—like creating your own menorahs, dreidels, and stars—that range from easy to challenging.

Whether or not you celebrate Hanukkah, grab your glue and washable markers and settle in for some fun Hanukkah crafting with your little ones. Below are 12 adorable crafts—one for each night of Hanukkah, plus a few extra!—to do with toddlers and kids this holiday season. 


1. Paper Plate Menorah Craft

hanukkah crafts

Source: NurtureStore


2. Printable Hanukkah Word Search


3. DIY Dreidel Piñata

Source: Brit & Co


4. Star Suncatcher Craft

hanukkah crafts

Source: NurtureStore


5. Printable Hanukkah Coloring Page

Source: The Everymom


6. Handprint Menorah Craft

Source: KiwiCo


7. DIY Driedel Garland

Source: Meri Cherry


8. DIY Hanukkah Slime


9. Shimmering Star of David Craft


10. DIY Dreidel Wall Hanging


11. Cardboard Tubes Menorah Craft


12. Hanukkah Tissue Paper Suncatchers

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