Our Go-To Products for Traveling With Toddlers

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Before becoming a parent, the idea of traveling for hours on end with toddlers who have zero impulse control seemed like a horrible idea. Turns out, I was pretty much spot-on. Toddlers get restless while waiting for you to open string cheese, so it’s no surprise that sitting in one spot for an extended amount of time pushes them to the brink of madness. Granted, I can’t blame them. I’ve had plenty of road trips and plane rides as an adult where I couldn’t stand sitting any longer either. We can’t expect our kids to do the same when they have the attention span of a fruit fly—especially when they don’t have the right travel products to keep them entertained.

However, just because it’s difficult to travel with toddlers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Parents and children can become just as restless being stuck at home, and I can attest to that as a mom who spent the first three years of her kid’s life without leaving our house. We just have to get a little creative when it comes to entertaining these little humans. So we’ve rounded up a few products that are sure to make traveling with toddlers a breeze.


Our Go-To Travel Products for Toddlers



1. Snacks to avoid a hangry toddler

Not to indirectly quote a Snickers commercial, but kids aren’t themselves when they’re hungry. Feeding them sugary snacks are bound to make them bounce off the walls and crash-land into a meltdown later on. Rather than spending a ridiculous amount of time gathering snacks from each food group, we turn to Cerebelly to make our lives infinitely simpler. With their easy-to-munch pouches and snack bars, Cerebelly’s nutritious snacks are just the travel hack we need.

Cerebelly is the first and only science-backed baby and toddler food brand. They were developed by Dr. Teresa Purzner, a neurosurgeon and mother of three, so their products have ingredients you know you can trust. Each Cerebelly pouch contains the patented 16 key nutrients that support a child’s most critical stages of brain development, so not only are you filling their tummies, you’re also supporting the growth of their minds. Their pouches and Smart Bars are also conveniently packaged, making them the ideal travel snack. Purchase these game changing snacks for your next vacay and use code EVERYMOM20 for 20 percent off your first order!

travel with toddlers

Purple Carrot Blueberry

My toddler is absolutely obsessed with smoothies (or "moonies," as he calls them). The Cerebelly smoothie-inspired pouches are a win-win for both kiddos and parents. Delicious flavors, no mess thanks to the squeezable pouch, and each one is packed with 16 brain-building nutrients.

Use code EVERYMOM20 for 20% off!

cerebelly smart bars

Sweet Potato Blueberry Banana Smart Bars

My little one goes wild over these Smart Bars every time we pack them for the road (as seen in the above photo of his unprompted smile). Made with all organic ingredients, it's a snack you can feel good about.

Use code EVERYMOM20 for 20% off!


2. Snack containers for reducing the mess

You’ve got the snacks, now you need containers to organize the snacks. Small items are much easier to locate in an overstuffed carry-on or purse when they have a designated bag. If you travel often, it’s worth purchasing a set of reusable storage bags that are multipurpose and easy to spot.  

Reusable Snack Bags
Amazon | Bumkins

Reusable Snack Bags

These reusable bags are waterproof and dishwasher safe. They come in various fun prints and colors, which is an easy way to get your toddler excited about snack organization.


3. Travel trays that will simplify your life

This travel product is a must for toddlers. Trays have various uses and provide children with countless entertainment options; use them as a tablet holder, drawing pad, snack holder, activity area, and more. They’re also a catch-all for all your kid’s miscellaneous tiny items that would otherwise create a huge mess. 

Foldable Kids Travel Tray
Amazon | Ha&Da

Foldable Kids Travel Tray

This style of tray is best suited for plane or train rides. Airplane leg room leaves much to be desired, so these do wonders for entertaining restless kids.

Kids Travel Tray for Car
Amazon | PILLANI

Kids Travel Tray for Car

Since car rides allow for a bit more space, these trays attach to the car seat and have add-ons like cupholders and additional storage.


4. Toys and activities to keep them occupied

This one is a given: No road trip or plane ride is complete without toys and activities. There are countless items out there made for entertaining our kids, but here are the tried-and-true toys our editors stand by when traveling with their toddlers.

travel with toddlers | On the Go Water Wow!
Amazon | Melissa & Doug

On the Go Water Wow!

This is an ingenious and mess-free coloring activity with a water pen and reusable pages. Once the pages dry, they can be drawn on again and again. Perfect for frequent travelers.

travel with toddlers | Quiet Books
Amazon | Curious Columbus

Quiet Books

An activity book filled with 10 interactive pages that allow toddlers to practice counting, shoe tying, color matching, time telling, buttoning, and more!


5. Electronics, because screens aren’t the enemy

When the toys just aren’t cutting it anymore, watching your kid’s favorite movie on a tablet is the perfect solution. Because honestly, when was the last time you were on a six-hour car ride without a good book or movie? And since most toddlers can’t enjoy chapter books quite yet, it’s only logical to put that Disney+ subscription to good use. 

V9 Kids Tablet Bundle
Target | Contixo

V9 Kids Tablet Bundle

A great deal that bundles the tablet together with a pair of headphones. It comes with more than 20 academic games for littles, and the security settings can be adjusted as your child grows.


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