Is Your House Plagued By Constant Illness? One Mom Shares Her Cold-Fighting Secret

Is anyone else’s household being hit extra hard by this cold and flu season? It seems like fall has been a never-ending roller coaster of viruses and illness from minor colds, to weeks-long congestion, and the ever-present ear infections. And while we are continuing many of our pandemic protocols to prevent illness—lots of hand washing and staying home when sick—it seems that this year has been plagued (no pun intended) by colds. 

My 6-year-old son went off to first grade this year full of excitement for the school year ahead. And the excitement didn’t end with him—as a mom, getting ready for back-to-school season is one of my favorite times of the year. Earlier this year, we stocked up on pens, pencils, and notebooks galore, but we also made sure to stock up on another back-to-school essential: cough syrup. 

It’s true that two months into the year, half of my son’s class has had absences due to a cold or flu, and a recent birthday party for one of my little one’s friends sounded like a symphony of coughs. The parents were even down and out for a couple of weeks with severe congestion. Our pediatrician said this might be one of the most intense cold and flu seasons yet with so many young kids not having been exposed to germs during the Covid years. So what are parents to do? The first thing on my list is stocking up on a great immune-supporting cold warrior: Burt’s Bees Kids’ Cough Syrup


Soothing Symptoms and Supporting Their Immune Systems

Burt’s Bees Kids’ Cough Syrup is formulated with 100% natural Manuka Honey and truly one of my go-tos for fighting colds and soothing little throats. The Burt’s Bees Kids Cough Syrup is the only brand that actually includes a plant-based Vitamin C in addition to Slippery Elm Bark, and Zinc. So not only are you getting support for your little one’s current cough, but you’re helping to fortify their immune system to prevent future infections. As soon as my little guy (and, to be honest, myself) starts sniffling and complaining of a scratchy throat, we start using this cough syrup, and it makes such a difference for him.


Our pediatrician said this might be one of the most intense cold and flu seasons yet… so what are parents to do? The first thing on my list is stocking up on a great immune-supporting cold warrior: Burt’s Bees Kids Cough Syrup.


Natural Flavor Kids Like

Unlike other cough syrups with artificial flavors, Burt’s Bees Kids’ Cough Syrups are naturally grape flavored. Plus, the taste is kid-approved so it’s not a fight to have my son get the relief he needs. 



Daytime/Nighttime Options 

They also offer a cough syrup option for daytime and for nighttime and both are available in a combo pack at most retailers. Having the nighttime option means keeping overnight coughs at bay and gently promoting sleep for my little guy. And while this is a great remedy for older kids, little ones under 3 should not use the nighttime product. And only kids over 12 months old should use the daytime version, as it contains honey. 

It’s easier than ever to stock up on this cold and flu season must-have because Burt’s Bees cough syrups are available at Target.

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Kids' Cough Syrup Daytime/Nighttime Combo Pack

Stay prepared to manage kids' daytime and nighttime cold symptoms with this combo pack.

Burts bees cough and cold
Burt's Bees

Kids' Daytime Cough Syrup

Soothe daytime cold symptoms with immune support for little ones over 12 months old.

Burts bees cough and cold
Burt's Bees

Kids' Nighttime Cough Syrup

For kids ages 3+, the nighttime cough syrup is formulated with botanical ingredients Slippery Elm Bark, Lemon Balm, and Valerian Rootmay.

WARNING: This product contains honey and should not be used by children under 12 months of age. Do not give to your child if they are allergic to any of the ingredients. As always, consult your physician before giving this product to your child.


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