15 Cute Non-Candy Valentines Your Kids Can Hand Out at School

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non-candy valentines
Source: Kathy Sisson

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration for more than just our relationships. Kids are just as excited to share Valentine’s Day with their friends and, more specifically, their classmates. Of course, you remember the excitement of bringing selections of Hershey’s kisses, heart-shaped suckers, and chocolate bars wrapped in pink and red home from school on Feb. 14. The nostalgia may have you reaching for the closest variety pack of V-Day themed candy, but with current classroom restrictions and food allergies, it may be time for a change.

That doesn’t mean the classroom fun has to come to an end, though! Some amazing Valentines substitutes may even be better than your traditional favorites. Don’t worry about scavenging through the best options; we got you covered with 15 of the best non-candy Valentines for your child and their classmates.

heart shaped slime cards

Heart-Shaped Slime Valentines

Slime, but make it V-Day themed! We know slime is great for sensory play and kids love it.

eye like the way you roll valentine's cards
Pottery Barn Kids

'Eye Like the Way You Roll' Valentines

Who doesn't love a clever Valentine's Day pun? These little skateboards come packaged with a monster-themed card.


Food Character Sticker Valentines

The cute and cheeky stickers will make your little one the star of their classroom's V-Day celebration.

Etsy | Family Fairs

Pop-It Bracelet Valentines

Bracelets have been an exchange of friendship since we were kids. Jump on the pop-it craze with this bracelet Valentine.

play-doh valentine's day cards
Etsy | Texas Mama Designs

Play-Doh Valentines

It's mushy, colorful, and true therapy for even the most restless children. Play-Doh, having been iconic for generations, is a fun option.


'Wild About You' Animal Valentines

Share your kiddo's love of animals with their class with this easy-to-assemble "Wild" Valentines.

Etsy | Shimmer Lilac

Heart Crayon Valentines

These super unique Valentine's goodies are something every kid will absolutely love. Choose from multiple crayon colors—plus, each one already comes wrapped in a clear plastic bag!

Pottery Barn Kids

'I Think You're Super' Valentines

What little kid doesn't love stickers—especially cute super hero ones that also happen to come with an awesome mask?!

superhero valentines day bracelet

Superhero Slap Bracelet Valentines

Slap-on bracelets + superheroes = an amazing time! Your favorite superheroes are back and better than ever this V-Day.


Smiley Face Ball Valentines

Fun and funny, these heart-shaped soft balls are sure to be a hit in your kid's class.


Puffy Sticker Shark Valentines

These cute shark-themed valentines come with 3D stickers that make for awesome sensory play.

Etsy | Van Papier

'You Are Dino-Mite' Valentines

There's nothing like a cheesy pun, an adorable design, and a fun toy to make a stellar V-Day card.

Etsy | Take A Scroll Design

Friendship Bracelet Valentines

Kids will be obsessed with the fact that they have a new funky and bright bracelet to wear, all thanks to a special Valentine!

Etsy | Willows Barn Co.

Squish Fidget Toy Valentines

A cute card that also comes with a squishy and adorable fidget toy—what's better than that?

Etsy | Jessup Road

'We Were Built to Be Friends' Valentines

This Valentine is a perfect gift for all of the little LEGO-lovers out there who want to share the building block love with all of their classmates.

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