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Is Your Kid Outgrowing Ms. Rachel? Check Out ‘Danny Go!’

written by ERIN CELLETTI
danny go"
danny go
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

My daughter came home from school one day asking if I could put on “brain breaks,” and I had no idea what she was talking about. She said in school (kindergarten), they watch them “to get their sillies out,” and since I’m all about getting the sillies out, especially if it means keeping my kid actually entertained after school, I did what any mom would do—I Googled. Under the supervised direction of my 5-year-old, I Googled “brain breaks” and “silly guy with funny hat” and quickly stumbled upon Danny Go!—a self-described “live-action educational children’s show filled with music, movement, and silliness.”

I played a few videos and watched my daughter dance around and be silly, quickly realizing Danny Go! was equal parts charming, fun, and physical. I knew it would fast become a fan-favorite in our house, but didn’t realize the wide appeal it already had until I threw it on during a group play date. Everyone. LOVED. Danny Go! 

So now I feel like it’s my duty to share Danny Go! with you—especially if you have kiddos growing out of their obsession with Ms. Rachel but still enjoy an on-screen companion. Here, I dive into Danny Go!—what it is, who Danny is, and why kids love him so much.

What is Danny Go!?

Danny Go! features the charismatic and upbeat character Danny Go, played by Daniel Coleman. It is a live-action children’s edu-tainment show created back in 2019, currently with 1.6 million subscribers and growing on YouTube (for comparison, Ms. Rachel has 10 million).

According to the show’s website, three childhood friends from Charlotte, North Carolina, came together to create a program that promotes “learning and off-the-couch exercise for kids ages 3-7.” The lead character, Danny, is a charming resident of Dannywood (a cartoon neighborhood) and loves exploring.

He exudes positivity and embraces a childlike optimism when it comes to the world around him and can often be found accompanied by supporting characters including Pap Pap the scientist, Bear Head the scientist-in-training, Mindy Mango the farmer, Gerald the drummer, and, of course, Tiny Danny—the imaginary and much smaller Danny Go whose quest for curiosity often leads to laughs. (From kids and adults alike, might I add.)

Who is Danny Go in real life?

In real life, Daniel Coleman is a parent, just like all of us, to two young boys who he finds joy in entertaining. He’s married to Mindy (yep—Mindy Mango) and lives in North Carolina with his family. 

Before the magic of Danny Go!, he was a video producer and host for a home improvement company before he decided to pursue his passion for wholesome and engaging children’s content. The show’s website explains that Daniel also has a passion for helping families with disabilities. His son, Isaac, was born with Fanconi Anemia, a disease that affects bone marrow and affects about 1 in 130,000 people.

With his growing popularity from Danny Go!, he embraces the platform to help with his family’s advocacy efforts, too. In a feature video from last summer, Coleman told WCNC Charlotte, “There’s a piece of me that kind of enjoys growing a platform with Danny Go! because there’s a lot of causes I care about, you know, causes that chose me, like Be The Match.” Reflecting on his son’s own kidney transplant he added, “We had to wait a long time to get a good match for him. So like, I’m very passionate about more people joining that registry in kidney donation, or any kind of organ donation, like I’m an organ donor. And we had to wait a long time for a kidney as well.”

Why we love Danny Go!

Not gonna lie, in our house, I love anything I can throw on to keep my child engaged for more than 20 seconds while I tackle something around the house. (Or, attempt to just enjoy my coffee in peace.) Bonus points if it gets her up and moving, and extra bonus points if I can tolerate the background noise, too. But Danny Go! really is special. Our top three videos have to be The Floor Is Lava because it’s actually fun and encourages imaginative play, Gorilla Smash because it gives my kiddo a chance to show off her musicality and rhythm, and The Wiggle Dance—which had even her most reserved and quiet friend up and cutting a rug in our living room. (Good luck getting the music out of your head, though.) 

What age is Danny Go! for?

The Danny Go! shows are best suited for kids aged 3-7, though I find them a lot of fun, too, and I’m 37. Preschoolers, kindergartners, and elementary-aged kids alike will enjoy the musicality and adventures while being exposed to fundamental skills like literacy and math, too. Social skills are also a component of the Danny Go! videos—as they make great activities for playdates and sibling fun. 

Is Danny Go! safe for kids?

Safety and age-appropriateness are top concerns when it comes to any form of content for children, but parents can rest assured that Danny Go! is absolutely kid-friendly and parent-approved. There are no controversial topics, inappropriate content, or violence—just positivity, fun, and education. To quote the website, it’s “agenda-free.”

Where to watch Danny Go!

If you’re ready to enter Dannyworld, Danny Go! can be found on several platforms, including the YouTube Channel, the Danny Go! website, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Much to little Danny Go! fans’ delight, Danny Go! Live—a national tour—brings the magic to “real life” on stage. The tour starts in July 2024 with big city stops in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and more! Plus, it features over a dozen songs, some dance-alongs, big smiles, and some belly laughs. 

For me, the best part about Danny Go! is that it’s participatory—like the beloved Ms. Rachel. It gets kids up off the couch, engaging in physical activity and learning. (And with any luck, it helps to tire them out, too.) 

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