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Stressed About Bringing Baby to Holiday Events? Here Are Our Hacks for a Smooth Outing

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little spoon holiday event hacks for moms"
little spoon holiday event hacks for moms

Feeling anxiety about leaving the house with your baby is pretty much a right of passage as a new mom. It’s even more stressful when the event you’re headed to is guaranteed to go on for hours at a location that’s unfamiliar to your LO. I remember imagining what my son’s first holiday season would look like, but I didn’t anticipate the flood of nerves when RSVPing to our first festive party. What should we do if he gets too fussy? How will he take a nap? What if he hates the food they’re serving? How will I even enjoy myself? It all felt incredibly overwhelming.

We’re now going on our fourth holiday season as parents and have even added a second child into the mix. I won’t lie and say that it’s easy to lug your child and their twenty-million belongings to another house all season long, but it does become more natural. Most polite hosts are also eager to accommodate you and your child’s needs during events. To maximize your enjoyment this season, we’ve rounded up the following helpful hacks for bringing baby to holiday events.

1. Make mealtime easy

Feeding my baby at other people’s homes gave me so much anxiety at first. We all know that babies aren’t the tidiest eaters, but there’s actually nothing wrong with this. Self-feeding helps them develop their fine motor skills, but it’s understandable to cringe when your LO flings their food on a relative’s floors—especially because the food isn’t their cup of tea. Avoid the anxiety and bring food that you know they’ll love and is easy to pack and travel with.

We’ve found that bringing Little Spoon’s Babyblends to holiday events is the ideal solution. They’re made fresh and full of delicious organic ingredients like fruits, veggies, and superfoods—all ready to take on-the-go for convenient eating. Their Limited Edition Winter Babyblends are inspired by festive favorites so baby won’t miss out on all the yummy seasonal flavors. Throw them in your diaper bag along with our other travel mealtime must-haves.

little spoon babyblends
Little Spoon
Limited Edition Gingerbread Cookie Babyblends

The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without a spoonful of Gingerbread Cookie. Transport your babe’s taste buds to a winter wonderland with a blend of root veggies, pear, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon for a sweet and healthy holiday treat.

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little spoon babyblends
Little Spoon
Limited Edition Sweet Potato Zucchini Latke Babyblends

Apple, sweet potato, and zucchini are swirled with a touch of olive oil, for Little Spoon’s take on the classic latke. Your sweet babe will be asking for this blend long after Chanukah’s eight days are over.

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travel high chair
Travel Feeding Seat

The messiness of meal time just might be the most stressful part of bringing your little one to a holiday party. But have no fear—this easy-to-use feeding seat will be your life saver. It has a removable tray to double as a booster seat, locks in plates to help avoid spills, and seamlessly locks on to any seats you may run into.

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full body bib
Amazon | Tiny Twinkle
Mess Proof Baby Bib

If you really want to ensure no spills on any adorable holiday outfits, this full-coverage, long-sleeve bib top is a must. The bottom half even has an attached food catcher to to keep crumbs and other dribbles off of pants and seats, too.

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2. Bring entertainment

One thing you can count on when visiting family is a horde of people who are eager to take baby off your hands. Take advantage of this if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, work your way there by bringing toys and books that both you and other family members can use to engage with your little one. Eventually, as your comfort level grows, you can use that time to eat your meal in peace (for once).

sensory teething toy
Silicone Pull Toy

A sensory toy like this one, with multiple functions for motor skills and teething, will keep your baby occupied and happy while you can focus on having a fun and stress-free time!

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travel play mat
Melissa & Doug
Take-Along Town Play Mat

This play mat is the perfect option for an easy toy to bring along: It folds into a carrying bag for easy transport and clean-up, and even has non-skid backing so it stays in place while they play.

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pop it baby book
Melissa & Doug
Poke-a-Dot: The Night Before Christmas

You probably don’t have time to sit down and read an entire story at a party, so this picture book’s interactive button-popping feature does all that work of keeping them busy for you!

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3 Sprouts
Portable Play Mat

Worried about toys getting tossed and pushed everywhere? A play mat with raised edges will keep everything confined in one spot for a minimal mess and hassle-free clean up.

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3. Simplify nap time

Both of my kids were religious contact nappers for their first six to seven months, so anytime we visited family, I immediately secured a quiet room for them. However, if your babe is a bit less needy than mine was, then we still suggest asking the host for a quiet room but also bring a couple of backup items to make naps smooth like a portable sound machine and room darkening products.

portable sound machine hatch rest go
Rest Go

Hoping for your little one to be able to go down for a nap? Having something to block out the noise of a get-together is a huge help. This portable sound machine is small but mighty with a ton of different sounds settings to keep them asleep.

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Portable Sleep Pod

If your baby has a hard time falling asleep in unfamiliar places, this easy-to-assemble portable sleep nook can help them feel safe and relaxed while you enjoy the party.

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black out shades
Travel Blackout Curtains

A completely dark room might not be available, so bringing a portable blackout curtain is a simple way to make sure you can achieve prime napping conditions.

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4. Enjoy the moment when possible

It’s natural to be stressed about new experiences, but you will remember your baby’s first holiday season more than they will. Although these items can help lessen your anxiety, your mindset will also determine how smoothly the event will go. Go in with an open mind and a flexible plan because as we all know—babies laugh in the face of our plans. Yes, these firsts are difficult to navigate, but they’re also so very fleeting. Find humor in the chaos, accept help when it’s offered, and capture the moments you don’t want to forget.

polaroid camera
Target | Fujifilm
Instax Mini Camera

Bringing a camera is a sweet way to take photos of your baby with family members they don’t often see. Plus, instead of remembering to send photos to each relative, they can easily take a photo home.

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little spoon

This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Little Spoon, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.