4 Ways the Apple Watch Has Transformed My Parenting


The Apple Watch: the newest casual timepiece adorned on the wrists of fellow moms at school drop-off. I see moms getting reminders about upcoming activities, earnestly tracking their daily steps, and even talking on the phone all through their Apple Watches. I’m not really into trends, and at $399, the Apple Watch is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Still, I was curious as to why more and more moms were sporting these high-tech gadgets on their wrists. Is it a replacement for the phone? Does it encourage organization? It’s not dainty like a classic tank watch nor dainty like a dress watch. So, what’s the appeal?

I got to find out for myself when my husband gifted me with my very own Apple Watch on Christmas. I’ve had my eye on several watches over the past few years, classic watches that were not digital or technically amalgamated. I wanted to stop reaching for my phone anytime I wanted to check the time and look at an actual watch instead. I thought it would ease me away from getting sidelined by checking my emails and scrolling through social media.

So, how would a mini phone on my wrist be any better? To my surprise, my new Apple Watch has positively transformed my day-to-day in these four unexpected ways: 

1. I pick up my phone less

When I hear that familiar bing from my phone that I’ve received a text or an email, I grab it to check-in. However, after I’m done checking messages, I instinctively open up Instagram or Pinterest for a quick scroll. Before I know it, I’ve been mindlessly scrolling social media for an ample amount of time, and I’ve become distracted from what I was doing in the first place.

I wanted to stop reaching for my phone anytime I wanted to check the time and look at an actual watch instead. I thought it would ease me away from getting sidelined by checking my emails and scrolling through social media.

With the Apple Watch, when I get an email or text message, the watch gently vibrates to alert me. I can check the message and respond with an auto-reply or I can voice my response. And that’s that. Since the screen is so small, it doesn’t make sense to open up the apps to scroll through social media or anything else. So, I don’t. The watch has encouraged less screen time for me and lets me focus on what I’m doing instead of getting side-tracked with the black hole that is my phone.

Source: | Pexels

2. I’m more productive

My entire calendar and to-do list are on my wrist. Calendar alerts and reminders vibrate to let me know when I need to be on top of something. My husband has even taken notice of how much more productive I’ve become. When I need something done, I’ll simply say, “Hey Siri, remind me to …” and the watch prompts me at the appropriate time. I don’t need to reach for my phone, computer, or trusty planner to write things down anymore. I simply say it into my watch.

I’m also more on top of emails, text messages, and phone calls because I’m not absent-mindedly shopping the Nordstrom app or playing word games on my phone when I should be responsibly responding to messages and then getting back to work.

3. I’m working on my fitness

The Apple Watch has a built-in Activity app that encourages you throughout the day to close three exercise rings: move, exercise, and stand. If I’m sitting too long, it will encourage me to stand and vice versa. At first, I was annoyed by the constant reminders for movement, but I’ll be darned because I’ve lost five pounds by being more mindful of my activity levels. Having a gadget on my wrist that reminds me to get off of my butt when I’ve been relaxing for too long has been a blessing that I didn’t even know I need.

Source: Derick McKinney | Unsplash

4. I chill out more

There is a built-in Breathe app that reminds me to relax, and I set how many minutes of breaths I’d like to keep track of. It prompts me when I need to chill out, particularly when my children are testing my nerves which is usually around bedtime. When my daughter is running around the house naked refusing to put on her pajamas or my son is begging for 20 more hours until bed (yes, this is an actual request), my wrist will vibrate, and I’m reminded to breathe.

My new Apple Watch is helping me be a more productive and present person, but to be honest, I’m putting in a lot of the legwork myself. I’ve made a decision to work on being the best version of myself in 2020, and for me, that means amping up my productivity and mindfulness. Each person is unique and may find that an old-school planner works better, or a helpful app on their phone, but for me, the Apple Watch has been an unexpected blessing in helping me achieve more throughout my day.