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5 Tips for Managing the Back-to-School Information Overload


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manage back to school"
manage back to school
Source: ColorJoy Stock
Source: ColorJoy Stock

I know back-to-school is all about our kids, but it also rocks our worlds as parents. More specifically, it’s the time of year when a mother’s schedule blows up because we have to not only manage our own day, but also the school responsibilities, activities, projects, homework, and back-to-school meetings for our children. It’s no wonder mamas burn out easily—we get overloaded the day our children go back to school. Of course, there are some families with partners who take a more proactive approach to the back-to-school season, but more often than not, it’s the mom who carries the very heavy mental load.  

I can recall a conversation I had with my husband last year when he peppered me with a litany of questions about the date and time of various school events, such as our parent-teacher conference and the school fundraiser. Even though I knew the answers off the top of my head, I did inform him that he, too, was on school emails and could search for that info on his own. But, I digress. With a little planning and some lowering of expectations, this school year could feel more joyful than stressful. Read on for five tips to manage the back-to-school information overload and stay organized. 


1. Get Your Printer Ink Automatically Delivered

With school back in session, your home printer is in higher demand. There seems to always be something to print, whether it be the school academic calendar or homework assignments for your elementary-age child. Avoid doing what has happened to me more times than I care to admit and sign up for HP Instant Ink so you can have ink cartridges automatically1 delivered to your door right when you most need them. Don’t scramble like I did when I went to my office printer to print something that was time-sensitive because I had a frazzled week and forgot I didn’t order replacement ink cartridges. Never run2 out of ink again and remove one item off your to-do list with the ease of having HP Instant Ink do all the printer planning for you.

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Here’s why the editors at The Everymom rely on HP Instant Ink to have a successful back-to-school season:

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manage back to school
Instant Ink

Moms deserve to have one less worry, and, with this subscription service, you no longer need to scramble when you don't have enough ink to print out your child's homework. With free shipping and tailored based on your printer usage, you can feel more organized all year.

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manage back to school
Instant Ink

Moms deserve to have one less worry, and, with this subscription service, you no longer need to scramble when you don't have enough ink to print out your child's homework. With free shipping and tailored based on your printer usage, you can feel more organized all year.

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2. Don’t Overcommit Yourself or Your Child to School Activities

I know there is bountiful excitement that comes with the back-to-school season. It gives us the urge to sign up for all the school events and activities and also put our kids into after-school commitments galore. I can already feel myself almost volunteering to be a room parent as the school emails come into my inbox. Somehow, we get amnesia every year, and we forget how taxing it can be to overcommit ourselves and our children during the school year. This year can be different if you prioritize your commitments and your child’s activities. Sometimes fewer activities can equate to more quality family time, so pace yourself to achieve some version of work-life balance.


family at breakfast

Source: Tiger Lily | Pexels


3. Share the Mental Load with Your Partner

This suggestion is layered and nuanced but important to acknowledge. Many times, mothers take on too much because, not only do we place these responsibilities on ourselves for various reasons, but we also tend to not ask for help when needed. Unfortunately, it’s only when we reach our breaking point that we seek assistance from our partners, our family, and friends. For those fortunate to have a partner willing to help, speak with them about back-to-school obligations and split your to-do list in half. You might discover that it frees up your mental space and becomes more efficient. Of course, we understand that not everyone has involved partners and to those moms, we value all you do.


4. Get a Family Calendar

Seeing all the monthly, daily, and weekly activities for the entire family in one central location helps visualize all the back-to-school information. This is especially true if you have children who can now read as they too can help their parents stay organized. Plus, there is something so satisfying about crossing something off of a large calendar. You can almost feel a mental pound lifted off of you. Below are two of our favorite oversized family calendar options.

manage back to school
Etsy | Circle & Square Decor
Dry-Erase Weekly Calendar

Plan your meals and activities with this large calendar displayed in a communal area. Make sure to position it so the kids can have fun checking items off and, when age-appropriate, writing to-dos on the calendar.

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manage back to school
Etsy | Yippee Daisy
Personalized Acrylic Calendar

Personalize this acrylic calendar with your family’s name, and start planning out your month as a unit. You can easily update the ever-evolving back-to-school activities and meals to prevent your brain from going into overload. This way, everyone will be able to see how they can help!

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5. Create Email Folders and Subfolders for Each Child

And so begins the email notifications on our phones from now until the summer of next year. If your inbox is anything like mine, school emails will either be buried in the abyss of my inbox or go into spam. What I have found most effective is creating folders and subfolders in my inbox for both of my children. I can put both read and unread messages automatically into these organizational folders or manually insert them when time allows. Then, I can refer to them when time frees up. It’s almost like your inbox can serve as your own customizable digital filing system. You can keep what is most important and delete the rest.


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This post was in partnership with HP but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.



1. Savings Claim (Ink): Based on monthly subscription cost of HP Instant Ink 700-page plan without purchase of additional sets of pages compared to cost per page to print ISO/IEC 24711 pages on most in-class, traditional A4 color inkjet cartridge printers and MFPs priced <$385 AUD, <$420 CAD, <$333 NZD, and <$350 USD using original standard-capacity cartridges. Average CPP per country used to determine percent savings versus CPP for HP Instant Ink. Sale prices not considered for this study. HP Ink Advantage printers and printers which only use XL cartridges excluded due to non-standard hardware & supplies model. Keypoint Intelligence September 2021 study commissioned by HP, based on publicly available information as of August 18, 2021. Printers selected by market share in IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker – Final Historical 2021Q2. For details:

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