5 Ways to Style a Bookshelf in Your Kids’ Room

You’ve been pinning bookshelves non-stop for your kids’ room, and you’re finally ready to add this piece to the decor. But how do you style it without it getting cluttered and becoming too much? Don’t you worry! We’ve found the perfect pieces that you’re going to want to style your kids’ bookshelf with ease.


1. For a cozy touch: stuffed animals

Putting a few furry friends on display is a cute way to add in some personality and to make the room feel inviting and cozy. Play around with different sizes and even matching the animals to the color scheme of the room.



2. For ultimate organization: woven baskets

Adding in baskets to your bookshelf decor not only adds texture to the room but also keeps extra books and toys in one organized place. Try only adding in a few baskets and leave room to put a few fun toys and books on display.



3. For personalization: picture frames

Picture frames are a great way to add in a personalized touch into your kids’ space. They can be used to break up groups of books and toys or add in a bit of style and texture too.



4. For extra floor space: hang it on the wall

While kids’ rooms are often a bit small, they need a lot of space to play. Why not free up some floor space by hanging your shelves on the wall? It’s fun and functional!



5. For fun: make it colorful

Neutrals like black, cream, and gray are common colors for a kids’ room. But adding in playful colors is a fun and easy way to add style and personality to the room.


Source: @danafaylee


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