The Items I’m Buying to Get Organized in the New Year

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Sometimes having an organized house can feel as inaccessible as a perfectly-styled bookshelf or clean playroom floor. But in practice, I have found a little organization goes a long way to eliminate those little stressors that can compound into a major tantrum (for me).

For example, adding kid-accessible hooks to our home’s back hallway helped eliminate the heaping pile of coats and backpacks thoughtlessly plunked down by my kids in the doorway after school. Instead of yelling at them to pick up their coats each day, they now each have their own hook. Together we practiced hanging up their coats, backpacks, and pulling out their lunchboxes after school—and they do it most of the time.

In an effort to eliminate some of the other small stressors, I want to take the new year as a fresh start to put some more organization into practice around our house. I’m not going full-on The Home Edit or practicing the konmari method with Marie Kondo, but I’m hoping these small changes will help.

Read on for the items I’m buying to get organized in the new year.


Things I’m Organizing Now

brother label maker

P-Touch Home Label Maker

This Brother label maker can be used to print tags for anything from important documents to spices in your spice drawer, making it easy to avoid rummaging around in the new year. With built-in home organization templates (including today’s date, food prep, clothes, and linen closet storage) and the ability to store up to 30 labels with built-in memory, this label maker will make organizing anything in your home an easy (and fun!) task.

snapfish personalized wall calendar

Personalized Wall Calendars

Staying organized in the new year isn't just about organizing your stuff, but also about organizing your time. I love that you can use Snapfish's personalized wall calendars to see the whole family's to-dos for the month—plus, it's a fun way to display family photos!


Holiday Wreath Storage Bag

I always have mixed feelings as I take down the holiday decorations. On one hand, my house feels less cluttered. On the other, it feels a little empty. But before I do a refresh to my decor, it helps to thoughtfully store all the holiday decor. This year, I’m adding this handy storage box for both my front door wreath and garland (that’s been stored in a trash bag up until this point).


Holiday Ornament Organization Box

My future self always thanks my previous year self for carefully putting away our Christmas tree ornaments each year. The only problem is, our volume of ornaments has outgrown my current system. So in order for my 2022 self to thank me next Christmas, I need to invest in one of these organization boxes now.


Other Organization To-Dos on My List

Etsy | ContainDesign

Spice Rack Drawer Organizer

After you label all of your spices using your new label maker, you can easily store and organize them in a kitchen drawer using this amazing spice rack. Choose between copper or stainless steel to match your kitchen.

The Container Store

Fireproof Box

The new year is the perfect time to make sure you keep all of your important documents safe in case of emergency. Store passports, birth certificates, or immunization records in this fireproof box.


Closet Organization Dividers

Last year around this time I did a major closet purge, but things have gotten a little messy again. I have these already to organize my sweaters and sweatshirts, but want to add a few more.


Jean Storage Closet Hooks

Another closet storage hack suggests using hooks—like shower curtain hooks—for storing jeans like many retailers do. It saves drawer space and by hanging by the back jean loop and it makes it easy to see the style you’re looking for.

The Container Store

Kid's Artwork Organization Box

Treat this file box like a gigantic scrapbook for all of your little one's amazing artwork and creations. This is the perfect way to make sure you can look back on memories of pictures past.


Board Game Storage Bags

If you're tired of board game pieces getting jumbled or lost in drawers, look no further than these clear mesh board game bags. These are amazing for avoiding confusion on game night or when babysitters come.


brother snapfish logos

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