Our Co-Founder’s Number One Hack for Birthday Parties

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve fancied myself more of a salty over sweet person. Indulging in extra savory appetizers and passing on desserts. That is until I met this cake.

I was at my in-laws’ house years ago, and after we sang “Happy Birthday,” my mother-in-law handed me a piece of this darling miniature Bundt Cake (or Bundtlet as I came to learn it was called). “No, thank you,” I said. “I’m not much of a cake person.” “Oh just a little piece,” my mother-in-law encouraged. And I obliged. After one bite, an audible “Oh my god!” burst out of my mouth, I then proceeded to devour the rest of the slice, asked for seconds, confirmed the source of the cake for future reference, and never looked back.

Since that what-you-could-call-life-changing moment, Nothing Bundt Cakes® has become my go-to for every type of celebration and gathering, from Mother’s Day to Teacher Appreciation Week to bringing a dessert to my neighbor’s backyard barbecue. Truly, we’ve had it at all of my kids’ birthdays, my husband’s, and my own.


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Source: Alaina Kaz


My Go-To Party Hack

Nothing Bundt Cakes® really is the greatest hack in the children’s birthday party planning process when a parent has one hundred things on their to-do list to make that day extra special. Knowing I have a reliable cake source that can deliver if needed and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser is just one less thing to worry about among the busyness of party planning. With more than 500 bakeries in 40+ states, there is likely one near you, and I cannot recommend it enough for your party-planning needs.

This month, my husband and I threw our 5-year-old son a Lego-themed birthday party at our home and invited 22 3 to 5-year-olds. Yes, you’re hearing that right. The amount of effort that went into making the party look cute and fun while also figuring out a Lego activity that would entertain while mitigating full-on chaos was more time-consuming than I’d like to share. But you know what was extremely easy? The cake. You know what made the kids so so happy? The cake.


Decisions, Decisions: Bundtini®, Bundtlet, or Bundt?

Or I should say–cakes. Nothing Bundt Cakes® offers a few options, and I love to mix it up. Their classic Bundt Cakes come in 8” that serves eight, 10” that serves 18, and a Tiered Cake that serves 26 people. For this party, I picked up an 8” Confetti Bundt Cake that we used for singing “Happy Birthday” and blowing out candles. I should note, Nothing Bundt Cakes® has so many amazing decorations and designs for all occasions. It was so easy to choose a birthday decoration selection that went with our colorful party decor.

In addition to the Bundt Cake, this is where the real hack comes in. I ordered two dozen Bundtinis®, or bite-sized Bundt Cakes. Not only are they the perfect size for little ones, Bundtinis® eliminate any time or mess of cake cutting (so no more fighting over who got the bigger piece or more frosting or sprinkles). Plus they come in their own little cups, so you don’t even need utensils or plates to serve them! Kids and adults love these perfect portions.

Their third amazing option is the Bundtlet, or miniature Bundt Cake. This is my mother-in-law’s go to because she orders a few different flavors in this size, which allows everyone to try a few flavors. This is also a really popular gift option for neighbors, teachers, friends, anyone you want to spread a little cheer to! Bundtlets can also come beautifully wrapped in cellophane, making them gifting-ready.


Let’s Talk Flavors

The most difficult part of ordering from Nothing Bundt Cakes® is also the most fun, and that’s choosing from the many delicious flavor options because they’re all that good. When it comes to kids parties, we’re partial to Confetti but like to add some Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie. Do not let the GF label deter you–this is my personal favorite and I’m not even GF, plus this is just a really nice option to have for larger parties where you might encounter dietary restrictions.

If you’re serving adults, the Lemon flavor is a wildly popular choice. My mom said whenever Nothing Bundt Cakes® was brought in at her school for Teacher’s Appreciation Week, the teachers who got there first would take all the Lemon, so definitely give it a go! Plus they have a smooth Red Velvet, and if you like Carrot like me, well, no surprise, Nothing Bundt Cakes® delivers.

If you can’t make up your mind, you cannot go wrong with Classic Vanilla. No matter what you get, it’s truly a win, win, win.

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Not Just for Parties

While this is obviously an amazing option for making parties easier (did I mention you can place your order online and schedule in-store pick-up or delivery?), Nothing Bundt Cakes® is such a great resource when you’re looking to make someone’s day a bit brighter. Whether it’s a friend in need, a neighbor going through a difficult time, a little pick-me-up for yourself, or a special everyday dessert for the kids, their size and flavor options and special packaging make it as much a gift as a treat.


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Source: Alaina Kaz


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