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6 Mom-Approved Loungewear Outfits From Old Navy

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If there is one store in this world that I believe is highly underrated, it’s Old Navy. I have always loved it and shopped there, but it’s sometimes overlooked as a place to find clothing that is both affordable and cute. And yes, it IS cute. If you don’t believe me, just keep reading.

I’ve been a huge fan for many years, but Old Navy has really stepped up its game over the past few months. Every time I go to the website, I am blown away by how much stuff I want to immediately put in my cart—especially when it comes to loungewear and activewear, which (let’s be real) is all we’re wearing these days.

Their clothing is perfect for busy moms who just need something easy and affordable to wear, but also don’t mind looking cute while doing it. The best part? Almost everything is always on sale. To demonstrate just how cute the current selection is, I combed Old Navy’s website for the best and comfiest outfits to wear right now.

Check out these six super cute and mom-approved loungewear looks:


1. The chic matching workout set

tank / tank (plus)leggings / leggings (plus) / hoodie /

bag / headband


2. The perfect WFH look

sweatshirt / sweatshirt (plus)joggers / joggers (plus) /

bralette / headband / mules


3. The go-to at-home workout gear


hoodie / hoodie (plus)tank / tank (plus) / leggings /

leggings (plus)socks / scrunchie


4. The comfy mom uniform

hoodie / hoodie (plus)jogger leggings / jogger leggings (plus) /

sports bra  / sports bra (plus) / socks / beanie


5. The classic cozy loungewear look

joggers / joggers (plus) / hoodie / hoodie (plus) /

bralette / slippers / clip


6. The “I might venture outside the house” outfit

sweatshirt / sweatshirt (plus)joggers / joggers (plus) /

sports bra / sports bra (plus) / sneakers / scrunchie


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