The Everymom’s Maternity Pants Shopping Guide

Fall is coming and we would live in maxi dresses and billowy skirts forever, but the weather will soon call for pants. Say goodbye to blazing hot days (fine with us pregnant ladies) and hello to sweater weather and pants.

So what are your options when it comes to maternity pants? There’s a few different types of pants to keep in mind when shopping.

  • Full Panel Pants – These are probably what you picture when you think of maternity pants. These pants have a panel that pulls up over your belly which keeps everything in place all the time. Exclamation point. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, full panel pants pull double duty during the postpartum period – that panel comes in handy when nothing fits and you still look 6 months pregnant.
  • Side Panel Pants – This kind of maternity pant offers a little stretch on the side and cut under the belly, which works better for women who have itchy bellies or don’t prefer the feeling of something high-waisted. Side panel pants are super comfy, and since they pretty much look like regular pants, can be worn long after the baby comes home. But, buyer beware, most side panels are made right where pockets would be, so most “pockets” on side panel pants are just for show and not functional.
  • Leggings and Joggers – There is nothing as comfortable as these when you’re pregnant. To say that pregnancy isn’t always the most comfortable would be the understatement of a lifetime. Sometimes you just need something super soft and cozy for daily wear while still looking put-together, and leggings and joggers definitely get the job done. Plus, they’re totally wearable after the baby arrives, too.

We rounded up some of our favorites for whatever stage of pregnancy you’re at. 


Dressy and Work-Appropriate Pants






Workout and Casual Pants


What are your go-to pregnancy pants? Share in the comments!