20 Thoughtful New Year’s Affirmations for Kids

new years affirmations for kids"
new years affirmations for kids
Source: @thiswildheart
Source: @thiswildheart

More than we want to achieve our own goals and be our best selves in the new year, we want the same for our kids. We want them to go into the new year with an elevated sense of self-worth, a drive to learn and grow, and a desire to be kind and courageous. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to get the ball rolling. Having our kids set goals for themselves is a great way for them to be motivated for achievement. And nothing beats seeing them accomplish something they’ve set their minds to.

Something that could be just as powerful, if not more, than personalized resolutions, is implementing the use of positive affirmations. These will be short, positive statements that kids can say out loud to themselves. The goal is that after hearing these positive things again and again, they will start to believe them more and more. To help, we’ve put together a list of 20 thoughtful positive New Year’s affirmations for kids to help make the new year the best one yet.

Some of these affirmations are “I am” statements to help kids embody attributes they want to have. Others serve as a reminder that they’re in charge of their day and future. All of them, though, aim to help them show up as the best version of themselves each day. Check out our list of 20 thoughtful New Year’s affirmations for kids below.

Our Favorite New Year’s Affirmations for Kids

1. I am creative.

What better way to start each day than with a reminder that they have the power to be creative? Whether their passions lie in art, science, or history, they each have a unique perspective to bring to the table, and this affirmation is a great reminder of that.

2. I believe in myself and what I’m capable of.

Especially during the school year, taking on new lessons can be intimidating. Help them go into each day knowing that they have the ability to learn from whatever comes their way.

3. I have a lot to offer.

We know the world wouldn’t be the same—or nearly as good—without our kiddos. This affirmation aims to help them believe it, too! Whether at home, in the classroom, or on a sports team, they deserve to know that their skills are one of a kind.

4. I am brave.

Life as a kid comes with a lot of changes, many of which can be scary. This affirmation will hopefully help them believe that they are brave enough to tackle anything, no matter how scary it may feel in the moment.

5. I am a good friend.

Friendships are a big part of everyone’s world—especially kids who spend nearly every day with their friends at school. Not only will this affirmation hopefully help them realize how much good they already bring to their friendships, but also help them aspire to continue to be a good friend going forward.

6. I have lots of talents.

Even when they may not see it, we know their talents are limitless. By using this affirmation regularly, they can grow to recognize and appreciate the unique talents they hold.

7. I am unique.

It’s no secret to us how special our little ones are. But in a big world filled with lots of different people, it may not be as easy for them to recognize. This “I am” statement is a great way for them to remember that there is no one else like them.

new year's affirmations for kids
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8. Anything is possible for me.

More than anything, parents want their kids to know that they can be anything they want to be. Encourage them to dream big by sharing this affirmation with them.

9. There are no limits to what I can achieve.

Speaking of encouragement, it’s important for kids to know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. At a young age, any setback can feel especially discouraging. They can use this as a reminder that they have unlimited opportunities ahead of them.

10. I can make mistakes and learn from them.

When those inevitable setbacks do come around, they can elicit big feelings from little ones. Remind them that everyone makes mistakes and the best thing we can do is learn from them with this affirmation.

11. When I try my best, that is enough.

All we can ever ask of our kids is for them to try their best. This affirmation aims to let them know that even if they don’t receive awards or praise, if they tried their best at something, then that’s an achievement in itself.

12. I can make a difference.

Whether on the playground or years down the line, kids should know that they have the power to make a difference in the world around them. They can change things for the better at home, at school, and anywhere else.

13. I will think positively today.

It’s no surprise that there is power in positivity. And while kids should be encouraged to feel their feelings as they arise, going into each day with a positive mindset will make the challenges easier and the achievements even better.

14. I am ready to learn.

Start each school day off right with this mantra that will get them excited for the lessons ahead.

new years affirmations for kids
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15. I make the world a better place.

Just with their presence, our kiddos make the world a better place. Help them understand just how special they are with this powerful sentiment.

16. I can ask for help when I need it.

Make sure your little one remembers that there are people who are always willing to help them. Whether it’s with a school project or they need advice on a friendship, knowing they can ask for help will help make them feel safe and cared for.

17. I am proud of myself.

Little ones accomplish things every day that they deserve to feel proud of. Remind them that they can celebrate their achievements with this important “I am” statement.

18. I matter.

This mantra can help ensure little ones never feel overshadowed. This affirmation will help them realize that they are important to the people around them.

19. Today will be a great day.

Every day has the power to be a great day. And while we don’t want to discourage them from talking about things that go wrong, starting each day believing that the day ahead will be a great one may be powerful enough to make it happen.

20. I am loved.

Just like hearing “I love you” from people they’re close to, this statement can be incredibly influential in kids’ self-worth. Because we always want them to feel the love we have for them, encourage them to use this “I am” statement proudly and often.

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