10 Helpful Buys for Moms With Anxiety

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As moms, worrying can sometimes seem like second nature. We worry about our children’s health, their development, our parenting decisions—it can be overwhelming. And for some of us moms dealing with anxiety, it can truly take over our lives. 

When I had my first child, I was overwhelmed by the responsibilities that seemed to multiply overnight; from dishes to diapers to feeling a weight on my chest that just would not disappear. 

I panicked over everything. From leaving my children alone for a few minutes in their cribs, to worrying about child traffickers possibly targeting me if I went out of the house alone with my boys, to an irrational fear of my cat drowning in the toilet if we left the lid up.


When I had my first child, I was overwhelmed by the responsibilities that seemed to multiply overnight; from dishes to diapers to feeling a weight on my chest that just would not disappear.


All I wanted was to be able to enjoy myself and new motherhood without worrying about every little thing, but it seemed that no matter how much self-care I did, nothing would ease my anxiety.  It wasn’t until a few follow-ups later that my doctors diagnosed me with anxiety as well as depression. It turned out the weight on my chest was actually a panic attack I had dismissed as a little heartburn.

So if you’re a mom dealing with anxiety, please reach out to your doctor if you don’t have a plan yet to manage. Therapy can be extremely beneficial (and medication if your doctor recommends it). But sometimes I’ve also found a go-to item in the moment can help me calm down.

Below, shop my 10 of my favorite purchases to help moms with anxiety. I purchased most of these items at the recommendation of a friend or my therapist, plus a few gifted to me by my husband that I now use as part of my daily routine to manage anxiety.

Etsy | Sensory Driven

Weighted Blanket

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Whenever I am dealing with extremely bad anxiety, I cuddle up under this bad boy and am instantly relaxed.

Etsy | Deepika Gems N Jewels

Fidget Ring

This is such a pretty way to fidget! If you’re like me and can’t stop chewing your nails or picking at things, this is such a great alternative. I also love how it is such a low-key way to keep a fidget on-hand without bringing attention to yourself.

Etsy | Tesla Baby

Chewable Pencil Toppers

I used to chew so many pens and would have loved this alternative when I was in school! If you find yourself chewing pens and pencils, especially during a pandemic, this is a much better alternative because you can wash them!


Scent-sory Putty

This has the texture of silly-putty but with a delicious scent that can help you focus. I use this as an alternative to picking at my skin during meetings or while watching TV.

Aya Paper Co.

Manifestation Journal

I’ve raved about how I schedule time to worry and will stand on that hill until the end of time. Journaling seems like such a simple solution, but it really does help with anxiety.


Essential Oil Car Diffuser

If you love scented candles or your essential oil diffuser that you use at home, this a great option for those who are constantly on the go or have a long commute.


Sun Lamp

Some studies have shown that sun lamps can really help boost your mood. This is a great affordable option.


Massage Gun

When you have anxiety, your body can feel the effects. Adding a theragun as a weekly self-care regimen can help you loosen up.


Lavender Lotion

I use this lotion daily, and it definitely helps relax me before bed. Since that is typically the time when my anxiety ramps up, it is an essential part of my routine.

Apple Store or Google Play

Buddhify App

Buddhify is a meditation app that works with Apple and Android. Its tailored, easy-to-follow meditations can help reduce stress/anxiety, including 4-5 minute meditations to deal with difficult emotions and longer meditations for better sleep.


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