The 5 Products That Helped Me Survive Postpartum Hair Loss

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There were a lot of postpartum things I was warned about, and for some reason, I thought I’d be immune to them.

For example, I was told I’d look pregnant for days if not weeks after giving birth. I couldn’t wrap my mind around this, but it happened. I did indeed look pregnant for weeks. I was told that hormonal changes would make me incredibly emotional. I didn’t believe it and then found myself crying for literally no reason at all.

And finally, I had heard a lot about postpartum hair loss. I kept thinking, “Nah, it won’t happen to me.” I have a ton of thick hair and figured it wouldn’t actually be so bad to lose some. I always thought I had too much hair, and since childhood, it’s been a beast to style. I thought having less hair might actually be nice!


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Well, I was wrong. Like the other postpartum woes, I experienced this one big time. And though I do have a lot of hair and didn’t mind giving some up, like many other women, my hair loss happened in chunks around my forehead. While it falling out wasn’t so bad, the slow road to regrowth threw me for a loop. Imagine your standard flyaways times one million.

I’m a year postpartum, and my hair is still growing in. While I don’t have the magic potion for you to avoid hair loss, I can share the products that have helped me navigate this frustrating time.

These are the five products that helped me deal with postpartum hair loss. While these have worked well for me, when all else fails, throw on a baseball cap and be on your way.


Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

As a new mom, I definitely didn't have time to go to the salon on any sort of regular basis, but this mask gave my bathroom a salon-like feel. I used this mask once a week, and each time my hair felt softer and less damaged.


Aquis Ultra Absorbent & Drying Microfiber Towel

This ultra absorbent towel is a simple way to cut down on drying time and therefore cuts down on time spent with harsh heat on your hair. I also love this towel because I can care for my baby after my shower without dripping water all over the place.


Revlon One-Step Hair Drying And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

And once my hair was somewhat dry, I would use this magical hair dryer. Until buying this, I had never been able to give myself a proper blowout. This hairdryer made it possible and cut in half the amount of time it normally takes to dry my hair. By drying at least the hair closest to my forehead, I was able to tame some of the flyaways and the hair that was starting to grow back.


Living Proof No Frizz Instant De-Frizzer

As a final touch, I like this simple spray from Living Proof. It cuts down on frizz, and though it doesn't have as strong a hold as hairspray might, it does help control my flyaways, especially in humidity. I use this between hair washing days as well.


10 Piece Wide Plain Knot Turban Headband Set

And finally, no matter how amazing each hair product I use is, the new hair growth still has a mind of its own. This 10-pack of headbands is the ultimate lifesaver. The pack is inexpensive (especially for 10!) and doesn't hurt my head. When I can't tame the flyaways with a cream or spray, headbands are the answer.

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