Too Tired to Masturbate? These Sex Toys Change the Game for Busy Parents

written by MARIA NIEVES
Source: We-Vibe Toys / Unsplash
Source: We-Vibe Toys / Unsplash

Maybe you have been masturbating since you were a teenager or are new to enjoying solo sex, but when you are a mom, you likely have been too tired for sex a time or two (and that’s including with yourself). Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. Whether you are an exhausted mom who can barely find the time to get a solid five hours of sleep or a mom with a disability that can make masturbating a little more exhausting—this post is for you.

While masturbation has many health benefitsfrom better sleep to stress reduction to even enhanced self-esteem—it can be difficult to get in the right headspace, find the time, and have the enthusiasm to make the experience enjoyable. A few ways to make self-pleasure more fun is to purchase sex toys. From ergonomic vibrators that allow you to hold on more comfortably to sex toys designed to allow use with a partner or to sync up with erotic videos, there are so many easy ways to enjoy solo—or partner—pleasure. Here are eight sex toys that will make your sessions easier and more enjoyable.

Cake Massager Toy

This vibrator is ergonomic and super affordable— just under $30 at Target. It has 10 intense vibrations that can be used for stimulating your clitoris, and when fully charged, it can last for up to an hour of fun…if you can keep going that long.

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Cliona is an interactive stimulator for your clitoris. You can sync it up with a partner’s sex toy or with interactive erotic videos that you can watch online and allow to sync up vibrations with your preferred content.

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Eva Couples Vibrator

This vibrator is revolutionary! While it is suggested to be used with a partner during penetrative sex, it also can be used during solo play… hands-free. The two legs nestle between your vulva to hold it in place, so you can use your hands to explore other parts of your body or just rest and focus on the sensation of its three-speed motor.

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Cute Little Fuckers
Princette Puppypus Vibrator

This toy has a flared based which makes it perfect for anal play. It is also easy to hold, can be used internally or externally, and very quiet. I love that this brand is one of the first truly inclusive sex toy brands that was designed to make sex toys more gender inclusive and approachable.

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Le Wand Petite

While wands tend to be a fan favorite, they can also be very heavy and uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time. This petite wand is a smaller and lighter version of the wand, with 10 vibration speed, six patterns, and up to an hour of charge.

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The Love Store
Suki Vibe

The Suki vibe is rechargeable with six intensity levels as well as a special finger handle that makes it easy to hold. The grooves perfectly fit two fingers and make it easier to hold in place for longer periods unlike some other suction based toys.

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Good Vibes
Lovelife Finger Vibe

This finger vibrator is designed to fit over two fingers and has one large button that controls seven preset pulsations. It is super quiet and discreet, and it is small enough to travel without worry of it being discovered.

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Cake Vibrating Stroker

While this toy is meant for those with penises, it is quite fun and handy with a partner who may want to try—or need—some extra stimulation. Its open silicone design makes cleaning a snap. Plus, it is waterproof and latex-free.

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