19 Pieces of Kids Gear That’ll Keep Your Littles Protected This Summer

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As parents, protection for our kids is one of our natural instincts. Of course, we want our kids to play outside when the weather is warm. But, it’s normal to worry about sun protection, water safety, and bug bite protection for our children. We don’t want worry to get in the way of your summer fun. That’s why we’ve rounded up some summer gear to protect your little ones from head to toe.

To protect your child’s skin, kid-safe sunscreen should be applied to all children over 6 months of age, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Though it was previously said not to use sunscreen on babies younger than 6 months, those recommendations have changed more recently. Sunscreen can be applied in minimal amounts to infants under 6 months in small areas, like the face and the back of the hands. Still, in this age group, using clothing coverage and shade is most recommended.

Since shade is optimal for babies, we found blankets with SPF protection, car seat covers, and window shades. Plus, we’re sharing a number of kids summer gear to protect your little ones from overexposure while playing outside this summer including wide-brimmed sun hats and rash guards with SPF. We know that the sun isn’t the only thing to think about. We also found products to increase water safety as well as ways to protect your little ones against summer pests.


Sun Protection

sun hat

Brim Sun Protection Hat

This hat offers the highest sun protection available to keep your baby safe from the harmful UV rays.

multiple colors available

Rey to Z

Navy Bubs Hat

This adorable embroidered hat is great for your kids to wear during the summer or, really, any season. Rey to Z's hats are great quality and made to last for years to come.

multiple colors and personalization available


Toddler Sunglasses (5-Pack)

No more stealing mom's sunglasses this summer! Be proactive in case your kiddos lose their pair at the park or beach by snagging this pack with multiple colors and UV protection!

rash guard

Rash Guard

It can be a struggle to try and put sunscreen on your kids, but a rash guard is an easy way to protect their skin. Primary has tons of color and size options for all your kiddos.


Black Girl Sunscreen Kids SPF 50

This reef safe face and body sunscreen is made for kids of color. It soothes, moisturizes, protects, hydrates, and heals skin. Plus, it doesn't leave a sticky white residue.

sunscreen stick

Sun Bum Baby SPF 50 Sunscreen Stick

Sunscreen sticks are so easy to use, and your kid won't have to stand around for too long while you apply it. Plus, it offers your kids continuous protection for 80 minutes while they are having fun at the pool!


Baby Sun Blanket UPF 50+

This cute blanket will protect little limbs from any harmful UV rays—like where the sunshade doesn't cover—without making little ones too hot.

Safety Note: Don't drape a blanket over a carseat or stroller as it can increase the temperature inside.

multiple colors available

baby beach tent

Babymoov Baby Beach Tent

This cute, convenient, and highly-rated (across all major retailers) baby beach tent is under $50.


UPPAbaby Cabana Infant Car Seat Shield

This shield fits right over your infant's car seat for maximum UV protection.


Universal Car Window Shade (4-Pack)

If you're traveling with your kids this summer, this sun shade is a must-have item to ensure the sun stays out of their eyes while riding or napping.

Outdoor Protection

mesh guard rail

KidCo 15-Foot Mesh Rail Guard

For families with balconies or deck railings, having a mesh rail guard can add more peace of mind when your little ones are roaming around the house. Just remember to still keep an eye on your kids when they are on a balcony or deck, of course.

safety gate

Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

For patios, porches, and more, this indoor/outdoor baby gate can help keep little ones contained in a safe outdoor space.


Joovy Kids Bike Helmet

Protect their little noggins when riding their scooter, bikes, or tricycles this summer.

Water Protection


Speedo Kids Swim Goggles

You won't need to worry about your kids getting water in their eyes with these comfortable-fitting goggles.

multiple colors available

summer safety

Infant Life Jacket

This infant life vest is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard for infants under 30 pounds, and it includes the "heads up" design.

waterproof sneakers

Water Friendly Slip-On Sneaker

These adorable waterproof shoes are perfect for your kids during the summer! They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to spray down.

20 colors available


The Swim Diaper

Having a swim diaper that is easy to pull off and on is a must-have for pool or beach days.

multiple colors available

Bug Protection


Babyganics Insect Spray

It's time to keep those pesky bugs away from your kid! This fragrance-free formula is perfectly safe to use on your little ones.


Mosquito Net for Baby Strollers

This net goes over strollers, cradles, car seats, and more, and it keeps your baby safe while also keeping bugs away.

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