The Best Spring and Summer Pajamas for Babies and Toddlers

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As we shift to warmer weather, the temperature of your house, whether or not you have an air conditioner, and the climate where you live all factor into your baby’s sleep comfort. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a sleeping temperature between 65-72 degrees for safety. The right pajamas also help too.

Jennie Clarke, a certified sleep consultant from Good Night Sleep Site, shared some tips to keep baby sleeping comfortably in the spring and summer months. “If your home is on the warmer side of that range, you do want your baby sleeping in less or more lightweight clothing, ” she said. “You can choose breathable fabrics, like cotton or cotton muslin. Avoid synthetic materials because they can trap heat.”

Clarke also recommends closing the blackout curtains earlier in the day to keep some of the heat out of the room and consider circulating the air with a fan. The best way to check your baby’s sleeping temperature is to feel the back of their neck when they are sleeping.

We’ve rounded up some cute spring and summery pajama options, whether your baby or toddler is sleeping in a room without AC—where you may opt for a short-sleeved onesie and a light-weight sleep sack—or breathable cotton or soft bamboo sleeper pajamas.


The Best Pajamas for Babies

Burt's Bees Baby

Organic Cotton Wearable Blanket

two colors available

Clover Baby & Kids

Rainbow Footie

This special print was created with lifestyle blogger Kimberly Lapides (EatSleepWear) and son Otis, her rainbow after a long infertility storm.

Little Sleepies

Lemon Bamboo Zip Sleeper

fold-over mittens and footies

Happy Mango

Angel Dear Wrap Coverall

lemon print also available

Monica + Andy

Sweet Baby B Romper

multiple prints available

Little Sleepies

Breakfast Bamboo Zip Sleeper

fold over mittens and footies

Tea Collection

Organic Cotton Short-Sleeve Pajamas

four prints available


3-Pack Cotton Jumpsuits

two prints/colors available


The Best Pajamas for Toddlers & Kids

Old Navy

Floral Pajama Set

multiple prints available


Vaenait Baby Viscose Pajamas

multiple colors available


Striped Shorts Pajama Set

3 colors available

Old Navy

Printed Short Sleep Set

multiple prints available

Mini Boden

Strawberry Nightgown

two prints available


This article was originally published on June 11, 2019, and has been updated for timeliness. 

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