The Best Board Books for Babies

Introducing your littlest love to books is sometimes not as easy as it seems. Sure, before babies are mobile, it’s easy to plop them on your lap and read a few books. But, once those babies are on the move, it can be much harder to manage read aloud time because, obviously, they don’t want to sit still.

Making reading a regular part of your day (multiple times a day, if you can manage) is a great way to set a routine from the time your kids are very young. Even better – stick to it even if your kids don’t always show up. Babies can reap the benefits of being read aloud to, even if they’re not totally paying attention. Concepts of literacy and language will stick with them just by hearing words.

I was notorious for reading aloud to myself in the middle of the room while my toddlers toddled around. Sometimes, they would join me, sometimes they wouldn’t. But because the routine stuck and they saw reading as important to me, it eventually became important to them, too.

The best part is that there are so many incredible books for babies these days – there is no shortage of books pertinent to their interests and yours.


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