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The Best Baby Beach Tents for Summer


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Source: Anna Wissler
Source: Anna Wissler

The deeper we get into summer, the more I find myself looking forward to beach trips with my family. Although I can’t tell you when my mom took me and my sister to the beach for the first time, as a Florida native, it feels like the beach is my second home.

When I was younger, my beloved beach trips did not always include sunscreen or protective coverings. The focus was on having fun and creating memories, but, as you could have guessed, it also meant sunburns. Now that I know better and plan to take my toddler to the beach this summer, I’m making sure he’s protected while having fun. In addition to toddler-safe sunscreen, I’m investing in a baby beach tent for nap time, snack time, and general shade time. After all, shade is the best protection for little ones.

If you’re planning a trip to the beach soon, we did some research to find the best baby beach tents to consider, based on your needs. Whether you want the potential to make it a baby pool, have an easy pop-up assembly, or be a bigger size to grow with your family, here are our picks for the best beach tents this summer.


Best Budget-Friendly Baby Beach Tent

This cute, convenient, and highly-rated (across all major retailers) baby beach tent is under $40.

babymoov anti-uv beach tent
Portable Pop-Up Sun Shelter
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  • Spacious enough for comfortable play for babies and toddlers
  • Protects against the sun’s harmful rays and has an anti-UV coating of 50+
  • Pop-up system makes set up and break down fairly easy
  • Comes with a transport bag


baby beach tent

Source: Babymoov


Best Baby Beach Tents with Pools

Specifically designed for babies and toddlers, these small beach tents also include a pool feature for supervised splashing and playing.

monobeach baby tent
Amazon | Monobeach
Baby Beach Tent
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  • Designed for children under the age of 3
  • Features a pool for supervised play
  • Offers protection from the sun via anti-UV coating
  • Can be used inside or outside

babymoov 3 in 1 beach tent
3-in-1 Aquani Marine Pop-Up Tent
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  • 3-in-1 design means a mattress and high-sides for nap time, a pool for supervised play time, and a tent for shade
  • Mesh net to protect from mosquitoes or other bugs
  • Comes with two plush toys for baby to enjoy
  • Protects baby from harmful UVA rays


Best Investment Beach Tents

pottery barn sunshade
Mark & Graham x POTTERY BARN Kids
Foldable Sunshade
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  • This large pop-up tent can fit little ones and mom
  • Made from polyester and is waterproof
  • Tested by a third party to ensure the quality is up to par with anti-UV protection
  • Features an inner pocket to store small items like sunscreen

california co baby beach tent
Pop N' Go Playpen

4 colors available

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  • Features a secure pop and release system that takes the guesswork out of setup and has a safety lock to ensure it doesn’t move
  • Has mesh netting that allows the air to circulate
  • Includes UV-protective, SPF 50 shade cover to block the sun
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Tested and approved by parents


Most Versatile Beach Tents

These beach tents are big enough for more people to enjoy, so families can use them after the baby years. You can choose from a pop-up or traditional tent assembly style.

beach tent
Amazon | Venustas
Pop-Up Beach Tent

3 colors available

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beach tent
Amazon | NXONE
Beach Tent Sun Shelter

6 colors available

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  • Spacious enough to fit 3-4 people inside
  • Extended front floor provides more space
  • Floor zips up for privacy (great for changing swimming suits or breastfeeding)
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