5 Things You Can Do Today to Make a Healthier Home for Your Family

This post was in partnership with Grove Collaborative but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

It used to be that making smart family health decisions meant exercising and following the food pyramid. These days, family health is about so much more. We have to be conscious about how our daily routines are affecting our mental health and burnout. We have to check whether the cleaning products we use include undercover toxins and whether we’re spending so much time inside with our screens that we forget about the world around us.

I’ve made a few small changes in our home and to my family’s daily routines lately that have positively impacted my family’s health. Some are a given—eating fruits and veggies—and some you may not have already thought to introduce into your home.

If you’re looking for a healthier home in every aspect, here are five small changes you could make today.


1. Switch to Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

I never realized how much the day-to-day cleaning products we use can affect one’s health—especially little kids’ health. Traditional cleaning products are filled with less than friendly chemicals, not to mention contributing to a good amount of waste. It’s actually not hard to switch to cleaning products that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, ethically-produced, and sustainable.

Grove Collaborative makes it super easy to make the switch. Setting up a regular delivery of your favorites is as easy as hitting “add to cart” and you can choose from over 150+ sustainable brands—from cleaning supplies to personal items, and even baby and kids must-haves (think diapering, bathing needs, and vitamins). They also make it easy to change shipments, re-order favorites, and discover new products.

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2. Get Outside More

When my 5-year-old is having one of those days, cranky attitudes come around a lot! I like to tell him we need to go for a walk around the block. He knows right away what it means and answers back “it’s good for the soul.” Getting outside regularly works so well that it’s become a family routine. Happy days are made happier and bad days are immediately washed away just by getting a little fresh air and seeing the world around us.


3. Stock the Fridge with Healthy Foods

The most important part of my home is the kitchen. And if that kitchen isn’t stocked with ingredients that can make it easy for us to get a nutritious meal on the table, I’m at a loss! I always make sure we have all of our pantry staples but try to stock the fridge with plenty of fruits and vegetables that are in season. My son loves fruit, so the more we have, the more he eats!


4. But Still Make Sure We’re Getting Our Nutrients

As much as we try to incorporate fruits and veggies, sometimes it’s not enough. I’m chronically low on Vitamin D at every checkup (you can blame NYC winters for that one), and my son doesn’t love dairy. So we make sure we’re getting all of our nutrients (especially with all the viruses going around) by adding in supplements that are good for the whole family. I trust Hiya for my son’s daily vitamin and Nordic Naturals for all of mine.



5. Make Room for Joy and Imagination

I live in Brooklyn, so every square inch of my apartment is spoken for when it comes to storage. Lately, I’ve been trying to downsize the amount of “stuff” we collect. Trying to teach my son to value what he already has, not buying something new, and having fewer toys/crafts around gives us more room (figuratively and literally) to be creative when it comes to play time. That also means less physical space taken up by storage containers and more space for running around.


What are your tips for a healthy home?


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This post was in partnership with Grove Collaborative but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.