Need a Pick-Me-Up? Here Are 24 Ways to Treat Yourself for Under $30

We’re all going through it right now. The rules vary state-by-state, but there’s no doubt that you are greatly impacted by the Coronavirus. And for many people, that means you’re stuck inside, practicing social distancing.

The small indulgences that you typically enjoy, like a frothy cup of coffee from your favorite cafe or a Sunday morning yoga class, aren’t possible right now. Obviously, these things are not the most important issues that we’re dealing with, but it’s a part of life that maybe you’re missing. We all deserve a little pick-me-up right now. I recently purchased the silicone pastel straws listed below. Why do these bring me so much joy? I’m not sure, but they do, and I’ll take whatever sparks of joy I can get.

We’ve compiled 24 items that you can order that might bring just a little brightness to your day as you stay home. It truly is the small things.


Halluci Women's Cross Band Slipper

Not going outside? Keep cozy inside with these staff favorite slippers.

Gap Factory

Sherpa Robe

We aren't judging you for staying in your pajamas and robe all day—we're doing it too.


Cotton-Blend Joggers

Maybe you're ready to switch from your night time sweats to your daytime sweats. These are a comfy option.


Weighted Blanket

Get to sleep faster with a weighted blanket.


Zoya Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal Kit

Maybe you haven't had a manicure in weeks. Try an at-home version with this healing Zoya set.


Coconut Water Sleeping Mask

Face masks are the easiest way to feel luxurious at under $5. Use the code "FREESHIP" for free shipping at Sephora!


Ice Roller

Depuff your face and feel energized with a calming ice roller.


Perfecting & Brightening Face Mask

Another great mask to brighten up your skin.


Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

Go beyond face masks and throw in a hair mask. This one from Eva NYC only takes 2-5 minutes.


L'Occitane Fast-Absorbing Shea Butter Hand Cream

Constant hand washing drying out your skin? Tell me I'm not the only one. Follow up hand washing with this calming cream.


Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

The stress of our current situation might make it hard to fall asleep at night. Add this spray to ease you into rest.


Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are said to improve hair and skin condition. Here's an affordable one to start with.


Vitruvi Organic Lavendar Essential Oil

Lavender may help you relax and sleep better. Use this essential oil to wind down in the evenings.


Asakuki Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

And here's an oil diffuser for your essential oil needs.


Paddywax Impressions Scented Candle

Candles are an instant mood booster, and we could all use that right about now.


American Royals

Once the kids are in bed, curl up with a juicy read, like "American Royals."


Non Slip Yoga Mat

Yoga is an excellent way to move your body at home.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands take up virtually no space but will add an extra challenge to your workout.


Tone It Up Dumbbell

If your gym is closed, bring the gym home with a set of dumbbells.


Foam Roller

Ease sore muscles and release tension with some foam rolling.


Senneny Silicone Straws

Hydration is important, and it's just a little more fun with these cute straws.


Yeti Rambler Mug

If you suddenly find yourself homeschooling while working, it might take you a while to drink your coffee. This will keep it hot for hours.


Aerolatte Milk Foamer

If you can't make it to your favorite coffee shop, you can up your at-home coffee game with a frother.


nutpods Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Creamer

And with your new frother, make sure to get some quality creamer, like this one from Nutpods.

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