We’re Obsessed With These Pinterest-Worthy DIY Playhouses

A playhouse is much more than a house — it’s an ice cream shop, a rocket ship, a farmer’s market, or whatever your kids decide it might be that day. Outdoor playhouses are an imagination powerhouse, and one in your backyard can turn any day into an adventure.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune or even get it made professionally. Many parents buy a generic playhouse (our favorites are below) and customize them with paint and other easy upgrades. Read on for our favorite DIY playhouses to inspire your creative side.


1. Lemonade stand 


2. Country house (with chickens, too)

Source: Brittany York


3. Modern fort


4. Garden hideaway


5. Traditional cottage


6. Cozy lounge


7. Outdoor cafe 

8. Farmer’s market stand


9. Dreamy pink playhouse


10. Surf shack

Source: Lay Baby Lay


11. Fairy garden playhouse


12. Minimalist treehouse


13. A-frame playhouse


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