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6 Outfits to Wear During the Transition From Winter to Spring

written by JESSICA WELSH

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winter to spring transition outfits sweater and jeans on pink background"
winter to spring transition outfits sweater and jeans on pink background

It’s here: that transitional time of year when you’re ready for spring colors, lighter layers, and maybe just looking a little more put-together in general (since, if we’re being honest, we spent the entire winter in leggings and sweats). However, it’s most likely still cold outside, so you’ll need a few winter to spring outfits to get you through the transition.

The changing of seasons from winter to spring is an exciting one for a lot of reasons. Obviously, the #1 reason is that the weather is finally getting warmer and we can spend time outside, but I would argue that the change in how we dress is right up there in excitement level. But dressing for the progressing seasons is tricky, because you never know what the weather might be like on any given day.

That’s why we took some of the guesswork out of it for you. These six looks are full of spring textures, some fun colors, essential layering pieces, and on-trend picks for the new season. Check out these mom-approved outfits to wear during the transition from winter to spring below.

Winter to Spring Transition Outfits for 2024

pop of color outfit

Shop this look:

1. collared sweater
2. silver drop earrings
3. wide-leg jeans
4. tote bag
5. sneakers

comfy cool outfit

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1. graphic hoodie
2. trench coat
3. leggings
4. crescent bag
5. sneakers