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14 People in Your Kids’ Lives That You Should Be Thanking but Aren’t


After summer ends, it seems as though the weeks fly by. Holidays come and go, calendars fill up to their maximum (and beyond) capacity, and everyone is left stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. Not exactly the best way to spend what’s supposed to be the most magical and loving time of the year, right?

So this year, we’ve teamed up with merci Chocolates on an incredible project – 14 Days of Gratitude, or more simply, a time to pause and reflect on the wonderful people around us. Whether it’s the person who tackles carpool or the friend who feels like family, no role is too big or too small. 

For 14 days, the goal is to spread more gratitude. Each day is a new day to thank someone who impacts your life in important and meaningful ways. Because there’s no better time than now to say thank you to someone meaningful in your life.

We created a beautiful 14 Days of Gratitude calendar to give you a little nudge day after day. Download and use it to remember to spread gratitude and say ‘thank you’ to the important people in your life this November. 



Now, more than ever, we could all use a little more gratitude. Lives are busy, and schedules are hectic but hidden among the chaotic days are dozens of everyday moments to appreciate. And in all of those everyday moments, there are many chances to spread gratitude to those around you.

Need help getting started? Here are the 14 people we’ll be thanking this November.


The parent who always coordinates playdates

We all have these friends – the ones who are constantly reaching out and asking us and our rowdy kids out for a playdate. Without them, we’d probably be trapped in the house all day, so next time they invite you over, bring over a treat to say thanks.



The person you don’t know well but always smiles and makes your day

This could be anyone, but for us, it’s our dear mail carrier. He asks about the kids constantly and lets them marvel at his truck for as long as they please – with toddlers, that makes all the difference.


The person who always motivates you to be your best

For those of us fortunate enough to have this person, we know they are worth their weight in gold. They are always lifting us up and encouraging us to be better in a way that is never condescending and always supportive.

The mom you admire because her kid is just so darn kind

Those sweet kids are always a breath of fresh air, and it’s about time their mamas get some recognition.


The friend who doesn’t realize how much of a help they are

The best friends are the ones that take things off of our plates before we even ask – sometimes that’s a relative, neighbor, or sweet friend you’ve known or just met.



The more experienced mom you can ask for advice

I’d have been lost in new motherhood if it wasn’t for one of my best friends, the only one I had known who had already had a baby. I texted her every question imaginable and she always answered with patience and understanding, and because of her, I try to present the same grace to whoever reaches out to me in the throes of new motherhood.


The person you share your embarrassing mom moments with

You’ll know you have this friend if you can text someone with something super embarrassing and they respond with a raised-hands emoji and a “been there, friend.”



The person who lends an extra hand when yours are full

So many people come to our rescue as parents of young children – whether that is your own parents, siblings, your children’s teachers or babysitters, or even the grocery store clerk who is always ready with extra stickers and lollipops when your chaotic bunch gets to the checkout line – it’s time to let them know just how much their help means.


The friend who feels like family

No explanation needed here, but if you’re like us, these people don’t get thanked often. Let’s change that.



The person who always picks up when you call

Let’s face it, as a group, we rarely use our phones for calling. But when you reach for it needing quick advice, there’s always that one person who is waiting on the other end. That deserves a big, hearty thank you.


The person who knows when you need an extra caffeine kick

Mothers run on coffee and also on those people who know that and always come to meet you bearing a double shot latte.


The person you can count on to watch your kids

Good sitters are a hot commodity and great ones are like family. No one is more worthy of appreciation than those people who watch your kids so you can have some time to yourself.



The mom who you can share your problems with who never judges you

The shoulder-to-lean-on mom is the one who’s always there for us – lending us an ear and just the right amount of encouragement to get us through the day.


The person who always tackles carpool

Who knew driving kids around would get SO complicated. This one’s a shout-out to the parent always willing to pull their weight and make your life just that much easier.


This post was in partnership with merci Chocolates, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.