19 Books That Will Get Your Kids (and You!) Ready for School

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I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating–children’s books are the greatest tools I have in my parenting toolbox.

Books have a way of presenting ideas and promoting conversation in a neutral, objective way, and that’s something that my kids really respond to. Instead of being told something by their mother, they gain insight into a concept or idea by the characters in their books, and then we can talk about how this story can pertain to our real lives. In a sense, kids are able to learn the lesson or come to a conclusion on their own, rather than being told so by their parents.

And that, my friends, is a truly powerful thing.

So, when it comes to the anxiety and anticipation of a new school year, books, again, are where I turn to help my kids manage the worry of the unknown and build excitement for the year of learning to follow.

These are a few of our favorites for this time of year–some light, some poignant, some that have made me tear up on a first read, and some that are just plain fun.

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