20 Amazon Prime Food Finds Your Family Needs

Amazon is every mom’s best friend. It’s a sanity-saver because everything you could need, from diapers to school supplies to clothes, you can find and have on your doorstep as fast as you need it. It’s a total game-changer for the mom who would rather do ANYTHING but suffer through another Target run with her kids in tow.

Another time-consuming task Amazon’s taking off your plate? Grocery shopping (can we get an amen?!). We’ve rounded up some of Amazon Prime’s best food finds to make your kiddos smile, your wallet happy, and your day a little bit freer:


Wickedly Prime

Organic Sprouted Mixed Nuts

Regular nut mixes are loaded with salt and saturated fat. This blend is made with superfoods like almonds, cashews, and walnuts.

Wickedly Prime

Plantain Chips

Plaintain chips are a great alternative to regular chips. These are slightly sweet.

Wickedly Prime

Organic Herbal Tea

This caffeine-free tea has a subtle caramel flavor without the sugar.

RX Bar

Whole Food Protein Bar

RXBars are made with whole foods and packed with protein. The coconut chocolate version has 12 grams of protein from nuts and egg whites.

Bare Natural

Coconut Chips

Throw these in your beach bag for a quick, no-sugar-added treat.


Chickpea Snacks

These chickpea snacks are packed with fiber (6 grams!) to keep your kid full until their next meal.



Wickedly Prime

Ginger Snap Flavored Cookie Spread

This one may be more for you than for your kids. Sometimes you just need a sweet treat hidden in the back of your pantry.

Wickedly Prime

Sweet Dijon Organic Dressing

Amazon's own food brand, Wickedly Prime, offers everything from soup to salad dressing. This one is organic and sweetened with honey.

Viva Naturals

Premium Himalayan Organic Goji Berries

Goji berries are known as "nature's candy" because they are slightly sweet without added sugar. Substitute these berries for chocolate chips in your next cookie batch.

Fat Snax

Keto Cookies

Keto is the newest fad diet -- and these on-the-go snacks will make sure you don't cheat. These cookies are made with coconut flour, almond flour, and grass-fed butter.

Happy Belly

Tropical Trail Mix

This trail mix will bring you to the beach -- even if you're sitting at the community pool. It's packed with dried pineapple, papaya, raisins, peanuts, cashews, banana chips, and coconut chips.

Clif Kid

Organic Z Bar

Clif Bars are certified USDA organic and use non-GMO ingredients. They're made with 8-11 grams of whole grains and a good source of fiber.

Kodiak Cakes

Pancake On the Go

These are great when you don't have time for breakfast. Add some water, microwave, and you have a 100% whole grain and protein-packed breakfast.


Source: @kimmyintx


Manitoba Harvest

Hemp Hearts Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds

Hemp Hearts have a nutty taste. They're packed with protein and omegas. Sprinkle them in yogurt, smoothies, or baked recipes for added protein.


Plant Protein

Perfect for smoothies, this plant protein powder paired with ice and fruit in a smoothie will keep your kids full through lunch.


Organic Chia Seed

Hide some chia seeds in your kids smoothies for a fiber boost.


Chickpea Pasta Shells and Cheese

The perfect pasta alternative. Your kids won't even know the difference.


Fruit Water Box

Give your child a juice box without the juice with these naturally-flavored waters.


Superfood Pouches

When your toddler has graduated from baby food, but still loves pouches, reach for these.

Pure Organic

Layered Fruit Bars

The perfect grab-and-go snack.


What are your Amazon must-haves? Share in the comments!