Our 33 Most-Used Items From Amazon for 1-Year-Olds

Before you become a parent, everyone always tells you how the first year flies by and that the days are long but the years are short … and man, are they right. I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden, my baby, Zachary, is a big boy and soon leaving me for college. So many things have changed over the course of the year.

I have an attic full of items being saved for (hopefully) a future baby, and we’ve graduated to a whole new set of essentials. It has been amazing to see how fast my son’s brain has grown—his ability to interact with his surroundings, form a love of certain items, and engage with his toys all wow me constantly. With all of this rapid change, my need for getting things delivered fast without extra errands only grew. Amazon and wine were the MVP of year #1, and 99 percent of our favorite items arrived with Prime.

We focus really heavily on toys that can encourage healthy development and independent play, and I was shocked by how many fantastic items are out there without breaking the bank. Here are our current favorites that we are loving and still using at age 1 and beyond. 

Mama Bear
Saline Nose and Face Wipes

Another mom friend recommended these to me, and they are wonderful. One-year-olds during cold season become an unhappy, snotty mess in a matter of seconds, and these are gentle and healing for my little guy and kind on the wallet.

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Collapsible Silicone Snack Cup

This snack cup is truly a space-saving game-changer. Kids accumulate stuff at such a rapid rate that it is fantastic to be able to store this flat at home and when traveling. It is dishwasher-safe and a beautiful color, which makes it even better.

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Dr. Brown's
Sippy Spout Bottles

Zachary LOVES his “baba.” Transitioning was truly terrible for all of us, and this sippy spout cup really did make the transition so much smoother. The grip handles are easy for him to hold, and the cup doesn’t spill. He was immediately comfortable with it. The Everymom cofounder Alaina Kaczmarski’s son Henry also uses this and loves it too.

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Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath

We have been huge Mustela fans since the day Zach was born. We introduced this bubble bath when he graduated the baby bath tub, and he loves playing in it! His skin is always soft and smooth, and he smells amazing.

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Boogie Wipes
Diaper Rash Spray

We made this diaper rash spray our go-to around month nine. It is so much easier and less messy than its squeeze bottle or jar counterparts and cuts down time on diaper changes. Nothing is worse than wrangling a wiggling toddler boy with an open diaper.

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i play. by green sprouts
Reusable Swim Diaper

At age 1, we enrolled Zach in weekly swim lessons, and the swim school requires all students use this specific brand of diaper. I can see why as it really does work, and it’s better for the environment than disposables. I am a big fan of these and will continue to use them while Zach is in diapers.

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Nectar Marine Baby
Toddler Swim Trunks

I picked up these cute little toddler swim trunks to cover up the diaper, and he looks just adorable in them. The quality is great, and I love the classic stripes.

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Chat and Count Emoji Phone

It is amazing how fast a baby in 2020 learns how to use an iPhone. We try to keep our phones away from Zach whenever possible, but between FaceTime with family and friends far away and taking pictures, it is an inevitable evil. We got Zach this little chat and count phone that talks about colors and numbers to redirect him when we are in the car and on-the-go, and it does work! It easily fits into a purse, and he loves holding it up to his ear and fake talking.

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Fisher Price
Little People Caring for Animals Farm

We got this toy as a gift for Zach’s 1st birthday, and from the second he saw it, he was in love. He can easily sit for an hour and play with this toy. He loves to take all of the animals and the farmer out and play with them individually and then open the doors to the bar and ring the bell. I love that it encourages him with his animal recognition and sounds.

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Hope & Henry
Boys' Long Sleeve Sweater

Amazon has so many great brands of quality and attractive kids clothing available. We have a handful of pieces from Hope & Henry, including this sweater, and they are amazing. Really thick, quality fabric and look adorable.

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BPA-Free Pacifier

We are still very much on the binky train, and these pacifiers have been a favorite since Zach was a baby. They offer different stages based on age range, and I think these will stick around until we are ready to transition away from them.

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Parade Organics
Soft Harem Pants

Huge fan of everything Parade makes, and these pants are my favorite. They have a very relaxed cut that fits my boy without shrinking. Great quality material that is so soft but still very warm. Needed for winter in New England!

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Mini Lovey Blanket

The Everymom cofounder Danielle Moss got this for us as a holiday gift in 2018, and it is Zach’s number one lovey. We have had to buy three more as backups, and he now snuggles all three at the same time while he sleeps. It is so soft and breathable, and I love all of the sweet prints.

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Scarlett Wing
Learning Songs Book

My child loves music and he loves books, and this is a perfect mix of both. He presses the little buttons on the learning songs which play the melody to the song and each page has all of the lyrics. He can play with these type of books for long periods of time. We also have the Christmas themed one which he loves even more!

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Melissa & Doug
Wooden Tabletop Paper Roll

We are just getting started on introducing art to Zach, and he got this as a holiday gift. I love that it is compact and organized and looks nice sitting out on his little table.

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Toddler Non Toxic Crayons

These are great and sturdy crayons, and I worry less when he puts them into his mouth since they are non-toxic. They have survived his death grip, and the color variety is really great. Highly recommend as first crayons.

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Montessori Rainbow Stacker

We are big fans of durable toys and the Montessori method. Zach loves to play with this stacker and make different configurations. He enjoys seeing it rock and building arches with it.

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Set of Rubber Transportation Toys

Since he was a baby, cars have been a big hit in our house. While these are bath toys, I keep them in my purse as toys for the car and being out and about. They are easy to sanitize (I’ve run them through the dishwasher) and are very lightweight and well-sized for tiny hands.

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Fawn Hill Co.
Disposable Placemats

Anytime I use these out in a restaurant both the waitstaff and other people come up to us to ask about these. They are thin pieces of plastic with adhesive you pull off around the outside and stick to the table so you can put food directly on them for baby to feed themselves. They peel off at the end no problem (I fold the mess into it) and toss it out. No damage to the table!

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Packable Kids Headphones

We got these headphones in advance of our first family flight to London. They are great for kids, and he is really tolerant of them. I like that they are padded and I don’t have to worry about the sound being too loud. They fold, making them great on saving space in my bag, which is key for me.

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Shockproof iPad Case

We got this after two iPads bit the dust by falling off of beds/counters/etc. We use the iPad for our baby monitor and for movies/Elmo songs on YouTube while traveling. We need something that can withstand rough handing by toddler and tired Mom and Dad. This does the trick and has a great little pop-up stand in the back for watching TV or sitting on the counter.

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Delta Children
Kids Table and Chairs

Our home isn’t very big, and we don’t have a dedicated kids-only playroom, so all of our kid decor needs to pull double-duty and fit into our home as best it can. I was so happy to find this set. It is super sturdy and well-made and looks great. Easily wipeable for art and food mess.

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Acrylic Mountable Bookshelves

We added two of these above the kids play table to keep books within reach. They fit a ton and are seamlessly integrated into any decor. These types of shelves can be really expensive, but the price is fantastic on these, and they are really durable.

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Silicone Bibs

I have a very messy and independent eater on my hands, and I am constantly in need of a solid bib. These are so flexible and comfortable and easily packable in the diaper bag or thrown in my purse. I can easily wipe it down if we are out with wipes and throw it in the dishwasher at home. I like the adjustable neck as well to ensure a tight fit to minimize food spills on the collars of Zach’s clothes.

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Baby Pajamas

We love these two-piece PJ sets! They are SO soft and stretchy and so well-priced. I love all of the colorways, and they have held up really well in the wash.

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Pidoko Kids
Toddler Push & Activity Toy

This toy does triple-duty and can hold Zach’s attention for a long time. We are currently using it as a walker, but he loves playing with all of the toys on the front and sides as well. All of the elements are great for development, and we love the mirror!

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push toy
Yellow Sailboat Wooden Push Toy

We also had Grandma get this one for her house, and it is so cute.

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20 Piece Musical Instrument Set

We started going to music class at 4 months, and the free play with the instruments has always been Zach’s favorite part. He loves seeing how all of the instruments work and holds them up to his ears to listen to the different sounds.

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Wooden Ramp Racer

I was surprised how much of a hit this toy is, but Zach loves to put the cars on the track and see them go. He really enjoys watching them go down the track and playing with them off the track and making them move.

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Bathtub Basketball

Since this toy entered the bath scene, it has taken over as #1. It has been great for practicing motor skills and the balls do double-duty as little squirt-y toys. We have so much fun with this one every night, and the proud look on Zach’s face when he makes a basket is precious.

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Soft Baby Ball Pit

This thing is pretty much the greatest for a semi-mobile toddler. He doesn’t want to climb out, entertains himself, and loves to pull up to stand on the sides. I got a mesh bag to store all of the balls when we aren’t using it, and it can be folded up and shoved under a bed or in a bag in a closet for storage.

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Straw Cup with Removable Handles

Water was tough at first for Zach to drink. He just enjoyed drinking it and spitting it out everywhere. This cup has really helped him develop the muscles to drink and not spill. It is durable, easy to clean, and easy to hold.

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Walking Ride On Bike Toy

My Mother-in-Law got this for us as a holiday gift. She had researched gross motor development toys, and this is so highly-rated! It works really well for kids on the shorter side, which many of these bikes don’t. It is easy to move, and the wheels don’t scuff or scratch our hardwood floors.

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