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These Are My Amazon Must-Haves as a Toddler Mom of 2


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In a perfect world, we moms would be able to browse the aisles of Target and Trader Joe’s at our leisure while getting our weekly errands done and take our sweet time down each aisle as if we don’t have a million and one other things on our to-do lists. However, we know all too well that shopping for groceries and household necessities with toddlers often feels like competing in an Olympic sport. 2024 is the year of simplifying our lives, so we’re vowing to endure fewer grocery store tantrums and instead stick to automated delivery services like Amazon Subscribe & Save for our everyday toddler products.

Editor and mom of two toddler boys, Ally, swears by Subscribe & Save: “The amount of time and money it saves me is unbeatable. I’ll never go back.” Because we’re not in the business of gatekeeping, she gave us all of her top Subscribe & Save products, from toddler snacks to toiletries that you consistently repurchase on a monthly basis. While saving time and money is a huge plus with auto-delivery, the biggest reward is saving our sweet sanity that’s otherwise nonexistent during in-person grocery runs with kids. Read on for 20 of our favorite Subscribe & Save items that will show up at your door once a month right when you need a refill and come at a discounted price (the dream setup, in our opinion):

Daily Must-Haves

Toddler Smart Bars (30 Pack)

Not only are these Cerebelly snack bars a long-time Everymom favorite for their delicious taste and being easy to take on-the-go, but also for their amazing nutritional benefits (like 4g of fiber, 3g of protein, and 0g of added sugar), too. Founded by a neurosurgeon, these bars pack 16 different brain supporting nutrients that can help your little one’s long-term development—seriously, what more could you want in a snack that can be delivered straight to your front door?

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cerebelly smoothie
Smoothie-Style Purees

Another Cerebelly favorite of ours are these yummy smoothie-inspired puree packs that provide 16 brain supporting nutrients, have 0g of added sugar, and lead with veggies over fruits. A genius way to add healthy nutrients into your toddler’s diet in the form of a tasty treat. Along with their snack bars, they are Clean Label Project certified (meaning there’s no toxins or harmful levels of heavy metals to be found), so you can feel confident about what you’re giving your little ones at snack time.

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Gentle Cleansing Wash (Two Pack)

We’re obsessed with this all-natural cleansing wash for babies and toddlers that conveniently comes in a two-pack to last through plenty of bath times.

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La Colombe
Double Shot Latte (12 Pack)

We all know that making coffee at home just doesn’t hit the same as your local cafe latte, but having the time to go to a coffee shop every morning just isn’t in the cards. That’s why we recommend ordering this pack of delicious double shot lattes ASAP.

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Soothing Lotion Tissues (12 Pack)

This 12-pack of ultra-soft tissues is definitely a must-purchase to have on deck for your toddler’s battle against cold and flu season.

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Quick Size Paper Towels (16 Pack)

With little one’s running around, frequent spills are inevitable. So, having as many heavy-duty paper towels on deck as possible will be a life saver (plus, this 16-pack is a great bang for your buck).

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Seventh Generation
Concentrated Laundry Detergent (Two Pack)

With all of those spills also came some spots and stains on clothes, right? Opt for this detergent two-pack that will get you through plenty of loads of laundry.

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Miss Mouth’s
Messy Eater Stain Treater Spray

If you don’t have the time to wait for laundry and need to get something clean ASAP, you cannot miss out on this spray made specifically for cleaning up after babies and toddlers.

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Force Flex Trash Bags

There’s nothing worse than taking out the trash and then realizing you’re completely out of fresh trash bags to put in with no time to run to the store. While they won’t last forever, this huge pack will keep that problem at bay for a very long time.

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Kid’s Natural Toothpaste

This vegan-friendly toothpaste comes in a sweet watermelon flavor that will have your little one’s genuinely excited for teeth brushing time.

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Triple Ensyme Laundry Stain Remover (Two Pack)

There’s seriously no such thing as too much stain remover when there are toddlers in the picture, so be sure to get your hands on this Zout two-pack, perfect for particularly tough stains like chocolate and tomato sauce.

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Dabble & Dollop
Kid’s Natural Bath Bombs

Not only will these bath bombs make bath time super fun, but they’re also super moisturizing with clean ingredients to leave your baby’s skin soft and hydrated.

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Sensitive Baby Wipes

With over 500 wipes in a single pack, you’ll be good to go on multipurpose baby wipes (AKA a motherhood staple) for quite some time.

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Washing Machine Cleaner

This six month supply of washing machine cleaner is an absolute lifesaver that will keep your laundry coming out fresh and clean with every wash.

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Liquid I.V.
Electrolyte Powder Packets

Whether your little one needs to rehydrate after a sports game or you didn’t have time to drink water while chasing after your littles all day, these Liquid I.V. packs are amazing to keep in your cupboard at all times.

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Professional Spot & Stain

If you have a tough stain on any carpets or upholstery, this spot remover will serve as your knight in shining armor.

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Self-Care Essentials

Beauty Scalp Scrub Shampoo

All hail Gwenyth Paltrow and this glorious shampoo scrub of her’s that leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth with every wash.

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Prime & Prep Detangler

A reliable detangling spray is a must-have product to safely get out those tough knots after a routine wash.

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Detox Shampoo

The only thing we love more than Ouai hair products is the fact that they can get delivered to our homes at a steal of a price just when we’re in need of a new bottle.

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Purifying Cleansing Gel

This vegan and cruelty-free facial cleansing gel will leave your skin feeling replenished, soft, and hydrated with every use.

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Seaweed Bath Co.
Hydrate Body Wash

After smelling this body wash’s peppermint and eucalyptus scent, you’ll never go back to what you were using before.

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Cerebelly, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.