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LO Won’t Stay in Bed at Night? Our Editors Swear by These Amazon Bedtime Essentials


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toddler stay in bed"
toddler stay in bed
Source: cottonbro studio / Pexels
Source: cottonbro studio / Pexels

I was one of those parents who waited as long as humanely possible to transition my almost 4-year-old into a toddler bed. Our friends and family would look at my lanky son, who’s already half my height, with raised brows and say, “Isn’t he a little big to be sleeping in a crib still?” “That kid’s gonna hop out any day now.” While they may have been ready for him to lose the baby railings, I was absolutely not. And not because of any particular attachment to the baby phase (he was cute—the sleep deprivation was not) but because I didn’t want to deal with a kid running out of his room at all hours of the night.

Well, like most kids, my son was the one who ultimately decided he was ready for the change. Following a recent hotel stay where he had to sleep in a “big boy bed,” he got home and spent the next two nights launching himself out of his crib (at no harm to himself, the kid’s long legs caught him every time). We got the message and installed the toddler railing by the third night. However, I was right (like most moms 😉), and his new big boy bed wasn’t convincing enough to keep him in his room all night. So, I did the only thing a mom in crisis could do: I turned to Google, the kid expert accounts on social media, and my trusty mom-friend group chat.

After conducting hours of research, dropping a quick $80 with a sleep consultant, and making a slightly cheaper overnight Amazon order, I was properly armed for the battle ahead. It only took three nights of our new strategy for my son to successfully stop fighting bedtime, fall asleep independently, and stay in his room through the night. It’s been about two months now, and our new routine and sleep products are still holding up strong. Since we’d never hold out on a fellow struggling mom, we’re sharing the toddler sleep products I and the other moms on our team use to help keep our kids in bed all night:

Our Toddler Sleep Essentials from Amazon

Amazon | Candlewick
Oh, Are You Awake?

The biggest piece of advice I received was to ensure my son had a proper wind-down before bed. Bedtime books have the perfect calming effect, and Oh, Are You Awake? is one of my favorite ones to read. The story follows a very sleepy Penguin and a not-so-sleepy Lion who just wants “one more story, please!” (that sounds familiar). The witty dialogue mimics the very realistic bedtime tug-of-war between a parent and child, which my son relishes listening to each night. The artist’s visual humor combined with my soft narration and silly voices, effectively draws him in and leaves him relaxed after every read.

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Amazon | Babo Botanicals
Calming Lavender Soap

We all know that bath time can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, so this body wash and bubble bath is here to make feel a bit more manageable. The formula is made with lavender essential oils, which soothe the skin while also calming their nerves and senses, giving your L.O. an at-home spa treatment.

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Amazon | Hello Bello
Nighttime Baby Lotion

Once they’ve gotten their ultra-calming bath, this bedtime lotion formulated with hints of floral, lemon, and coconut will leave their skin soft and smooth.

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Amazon | Hatch
Sleep Trainer Sound Machine

While we usually associate sound machines with helping babies sleep through the night, they also come in handy for toddlers too. Plus, this one by Hatch also comes with a time-to-rise alarm clock, which allows you to personally program colors and sounds to let your early riser know when to stay in bed and when it’s time to wake up, training your little one to have a consistent and healthy sleep schedule.

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Amazon | Butting
Okay-to-Wake Alarm Clock

If you already have a sound machine, then pair it with this okay-to-wake alarm clock that does it all. With a night light, two-hour nap timer, and a sleep trainer alarm feature that uses the sun, moon, and stars to help them understand the concept of when it’s time to get up or go to sleep.

Pro tip: We recommend setting the wake light 10-15 minutes before they typically wake up to make sure they actually see it turn green the first few nights, then gradually wake them to your preferred time once they get used to it!

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toddler stay in bed
Amazon | Meschett
Glow-in-the-Dark Star Stickers

For kids with a bit of a more intense aversion to the dark, you can use the glowing stars on their walls or ceilings to give them that comforting bedroom night light the old-school way. Plus, lights with a red or orange tint are the least disruptive to kids’ sleep, so they’ll be able to stay asleep through the night without being bothered by too much brightness.

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Amazon | LittleHippo
Star Reward and Behavior Chart

The use of reward charts may not align with everyone’s personal parenting styles—and that is totally OK! However, they can be super helpful to use in sleep training for kids who are particularly resistant to following a routine by helping them stay on track even on days when they really don’t want to.

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Amazon | Slumberkins
Sloth Kin & Book Bundle

My son is a Slumberkins aficionado, and we love to use Sloth’s Daily Plan and Sloth Starts to Slumber to help us explain why daily routines and a good night’s sleep are important for his health. His Slumberkins stuffies also provide him with comfort (he’s surrounded by a whole army of them all night long).

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Amazon | Supa Modern
Cooling Pillow

Even as an adult getting too hot when you’re trying to sleep is hard to deal with. If your little one gets especially hot throughout the night, this cooling pillow is a must-have to help them go to sleep and actually stay asleep.

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Amazon | Nicetown
Blackout Curtains

There’s no greater enemy than a 5 a.m. sunrise when trying to train your little one to sleep in, and one of the easiest solutions for those unwanted morning rays is a good ol’ set of blackout curtains. They’re a foolproof way to ensure that the sun won’t ruin their sleep, whether it’s in the morning or during an afternoon nap.

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Amazon | Levoit
Air Purifier

Stuffy rooms are hard for anyone to get a good night’s sleep in, but especially for little ones who have a hard time staying asleep. An air purifier is the perfect way to keep the air feeling fresh and clean and is especially great to have on hand during pesky allergy season.

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toddler stay in bed
Amazon | Topcee
Cooling Weighted Blanket

One of the best hacks for a super cozy and deep sleep is using a trusty weighted blanket. Although it’s heavy, this one made with a light and breathable material will keep your kids from getting too hot while using it. Be sure your little one is old enough and use the appropriate weight for their size when deciding if it’s right for you!

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Amazon | Jay Franco
Bluey and Bingo Throw Blanket

With a character blanket like this one (and I mean, what toddler doesn’t love Bluey?), they can get excited about going to sleep because it means getting to use the blanket they love. Making bedtime and nap time something to look forward to is key while sleep training and this is a super easy way to do it!

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Candlewick Press, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.