6 Free At-Home Workouts To Do With Kids

Moms are the ultimate multi-taskers, yet we always wish we had more time. So getting in some exercise with the kids can mean multi-tasking wellness and getting movement benefits for everyone.

Working out at home with your children can help tire kids out for bedtime and also help the whole family bond over a fun activity like yoga or dance. Exercising with children also helps encourage healthy habits, reduces stress, and increases mood-boosting hormones.

Of course, if you’re a new mom, you want to make sure you’re cleared for physical activity. And it is important to note that newborns should not be bounced around. Infants can get in on the family activity by watching from a safe spot nearby. The movement and music can help keep a baby engaged or even lull them to sleep if you are lucky (just be sure to move them to a safe spot for nap time).

For babies who can hold up their own head, simple movements are okay—but remember that jumping and fast movements should be saved only for older kids who can jump and run on their own.

If you’re ready to try an at-home workout with kids, here are six free online workouts my family loves. And they’re all between 10-20 minutes, so totally doable if you’re crunched on time.


1. Mommy and Me Yoga

If you are looking for a calm introduction to working out with children, yoga is always a good start. Children are super flexible and it can be a fun competition to see who can do each pose best. This particular video was inspired by Michael Rosen’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, and combines easy moves for kids (and tired moms) while adding an interactive element that keeps kids focused and interested. Cosmic Kids Yoga has kids in mind as the audience, but adults can join in on the fun, too.


2. Zumba Fun With the Family

Zumba is by far my favorite workout because it feels less like exercising and more like having a dance party. This video is in Spanish, but it’s still a great option if your family doesn’t speak the language. It is easy to follow and the whole family will enjoy the upbeat tunes!


3. Cardio Blast

If you have very energetic children who seem to be in their own personal competition with the energizer bunny, I definitely recommend this 13-minute cardio blast video. It will leave you and your children begging for nap-time.


4. Toddler and Mom Workout

This workout is short and sweet, and will use your toddler’s weight to help you burn calories. I love how real this mom is in her videos and it will encourage you to get your steps in, even with a cranky toddler.


5. 20-Minute Disney Workout

If you are obsessed with Disney, like I am, this is a fun, high-energy workout for everyone in your family. Don’t forget to wear your Fitbit or Apple Watch to track those steps!


6. Family Circuit Exercise

If you like workouts with more structure, this is a wonderful option to not only get your blood pumping, but to work on your kid’s gross motor skills and attention span. The instructor provides clear instructions that even toddlers can follow, and motivates children to take a break from video games for a bit to engage in exercise to stay healthy, without mentioning weight.