All the Best Gear for Getting Babies and Kids Outside in Winter

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Whether you’re a new or seasoned mom, getting through winter can be a slog. If you prefer the warmer months and find yourself staying inside during the colder days, this is your sign to get outside more. Fresh air is good for everyone, and having the right winter gear for your LOs can make all the difference. 

To help get you outside and start actually enjoying winter, we’ve put together some tips and the best gear to keep you and your kids warm, cozy, and active even as the snow is falling. Plus, many items are on major sale after the holiday shopping season! 


Tips for Getting Outside on Cold Days

Even though it can feel like a major hassle to bundle up your littles, it’s worth it to get out of the house for a little while. Do it often enough and it will seem normal to your kids to be outside on chilly days. 


Resist going overboard with layers

The general rule for going outside with your baby is to dress them in one more layer than you would need to be comfortable. One-piece snowsuits and stroller bunting can be great options to add a second layer they can’t kick off.


Accept the time commitment

For toddlers and kids, we understand the whole cold-weather outfitting process often takes longer than the actual time they spend outside, but it’s probably best to accept that the bundling up will take time (and maybe a tantrum). The promise of a hot chocolate treat afterward can always sweeten the experience for everyone. Don’t forget to ask your potty-trained toddlers if they need to use the potty before committing to all the layers.


Avoid puffy coats or snowsuits in the car seat

Puffy coats or too many layers can leave the harness too loose to be effective in a crash. Consumer reports provide a good way to test whether your child’s coat is too bulky for the car seat: Buckle your child in with their coat and tighten the straps. Then, without adjusting the strap, have them sit in the seat without wearing their coat. If you can pinch the webbing between your thumb and forefinger, then the coat is too bulky to be worn under the harness.


Remove extra layers as soon as you’re inside

When you’re inside and warm, it’s important to quickly take off all extra layers and blankets to ensure your baby doesn’t overheat (even if they’re sleeping). This goes for in the car, as well—once the car is warmed up and the heat is blasting, they won’t need the extra blanket or bunting.


Shop Our Favorite Cold Weather Gear for Babies, Kids & Moms

Below, check out some of our favorite gear for babies, kids, and moms to get you and your little ones outside this winter. 

Baby Gear

7AM Enfant

Teddy Jumpsuit

The coziest suit to dress your baby up in before heading out of the house.


Baby Hooded Pram

Layer this cozy fleece bunting on top of baby's outfit to keep them extra warm.


Baby Puffer Suit

When they're ready to play in the snow, this thin yet warm puffer with open feet works perfectly for their first pair of boots.


Baby Synchilla Fleece Overalls

Use these adorable, warm overalls as a base layer for your baby.


Baby Furry Friends Hoody

This furry jacket is perfect for chilly days (bonus points for the cute bear ears!).

Old Navy

Unisex Sherpa Zip Jacket for Baby

Get this one in time for Valentine's Day, but use it all winter long for your little one.

Target | Cat & Jack

Baby Bobble Hat

A great hat for babies with a velcro closure to help it stay on.


Furry Gripper Baby Bootie

These booties from Zutano are a great go-to because they stay on better than socks that babies tend to pull off.


Baby Puff Mitts

These mittens are easy to put on your baby's hands for the coldest days out.

Toddler Gear

7AM Enfant

Benji Snowsuit

This luxe snowsuit comes in sizes for 1-year-olds all the way up to 7-year-olds.


Recycled Waterpoof Padded 3-in-1 Coat

This 3-in-1 jacket is great for super cold days, but the arms and hood also zip off for a vest to be used on slightly warmer days.


Recycled Waterproof Puffer Dino Coat

This super cute dino jacket will keep your toddler warm in the winter and dry in the rain as well.

7AM Enfant

The Chapka Hat

This hat is so warm you'll want one for yourself.

Rey to Z

Toddler Beanie

This cute beanie will keep your little one warm this winter—plus, the customization might make them less likely to lose it at daycare or preschool.

hanna Andersson
Hanna Andersson

Reversible Puffer Jacket

This water-resistant puffer jacket is reversible, so little ones can show off their style.

Target | Cat & Jack

Toddler Snow Bib

This classic snow bib suit is perfect for a toddler's day of sledding or ski lessons.


Infant and Toddler Cold Buster Waterproof Mittens

These gloves stay secure and keep your little one's hands warm.

7AM Enfant

Kids Scooter Warmmuffs

Got a kid that loves scootering? Don't let cold days keep them inside. These scooter "warmmuffs" will keep them on their scooter with warm hands.

Amazon | Disney

Frozen Mittens (4-Pack)

Inexpensive mitten sets are perfect for school days, since some are sure to get lost throughout the season.

snow boots
Target | Bearpaw

Toddler Elle Zipper Boots

We buy a pair of these every winter, and my kids affectionately refer to them as their "cozy boots." These highly-rated boots are perfect for chilly walks.


Toddler Baby Bogs Boots

These basic boots are perfect for a toddler's day out, and they can pull them on by themselves!

For Moms


Women's Ultrawarm Coat

Invest in a cute, high-quality winter coat as motivation to get yourself and your family outside.

J.Crew Factory

Cable Pom-Pom Beanie Hat

This stylish hat will keep you warm and looking cute all winter.

puffer coat

Downtown Jacket

Color is in this winter, so consider a bright puffer to make the winter a little more fun!


Altitude Stash Tight in Polartec Power Stretch

Use these warm leggings as a base layer under snow pants or alone if you're going for a wintery run.


Women's Merino Wool Quarter Sock (4-Pack)

Bombas Merino socks are a comfy and well-made product to wear throughout the winter (and the rest of the year).


Classic Mini II Boot

Mini UGGS are an easy shoe to slip on for dry but cold days.


Women's Out-n-About III Classic Boot

These Sorel boots are great for wet winter days or rainy days throughout the year. They're comfy and will keep you dry; plus, they have solid traction to help avoid falls.

Stroller & Carrier Gear

7AM Enfant

Stroller Warmmuffs

If you love a long stroller walk, these gloves that attach to your stroller handle are an absolute must.

7AM Enfant

Heavyweight K-Poncho

Keep you and your baby warm with this poncho that slips over your baby carrier.

buybuy BABY | 7AM Enfant

Blanket 212 Evolution Footmuff

This blanket that attaches to your stroller allows you to easily plop your child inside before walks.


Mid-Weight Down 3-in-1 Maternity and Babywearing Coat

This jacket is a multi-use product that works both while you're pregnant and in the postpartum days thanks to the panel that allows space for baby carrying.


Baby Carrier Cover

This water- and wind-resistant cover for BabyBjörn carriers is a great accessory to add to your winter gear, plus it's machine washable.

Mom-Approved Target Pieces That Are Perfect for Cold Weather
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