Our Entire Team Used This Baby Registry Service—Here’s Why You Should Too

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babylist registry
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From the first moment that test reads positive, your pregnancy journey is immediately filled with an overwhelming amount of choices. OB-GYN or midwife? Formula feeding or breastfeeding? Gender reveal party or wait until birth? Epidural or unmedicated? The list is never ending. And with today’s constant access to information, you can’t help but be bombarded with a world of baby products on top of it all. It’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of confusing selections–we’ve been there, too. But if there was one shining light that helped all of us combat decision fatigue throughout our pregnancies, that hero was Babylist.

Babylist is more than a registry service. They provide guides and support for parents, especially first time moms, who feel totally lost when browsing for baby products. Preparing for the arrival of a new human already comes with an immense amount of pressure. Babylist’s myriad of features creates a simplified registry experience that puts the fun back into shopping and alleviates the stress of baby prep. It’s no wonder that every mom on our team turned to Babylist when building their registries, and here are the features that made our editors love Babylist, plus some of their favorite registry picks.

babylist registry

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babylist registry


Multiple Retailers

“I thought it was going to be impossible to figure out where to register because there are so many brands and stores I wanted to get items from. Then I learned about Babylist, which totally solved that problem. I loved that I could add items from the big stores like Buy Buy Baby, Target, Amazon, and Pottery Barn, as well as from smaller shops like Etsy, Lalo, and truly any shop that has an online presence. I found this made it easier for people buying off our registry, since they didn’t have to search through multiple registries to figure out what to gift.” – Amanda Shapin Michelson, Senior Manager of Brand Partnerships

babylist registry

1. ollie swaddle / 2. bob double stroller / 3. lalo first bites set


Price Comparisons

“When you first start researching and making your list of your ‘must-haves’ for your baby you start to realize just how much you and baby are going to need, and it can be truly overwhelming! Enter Babylist, the solution to all of my overwhelm. They made it so simple to see all of the most popular retailers carrying that item and show you the price at each. Not only does this make it easy for you to shop smarter, but it allows anyone gifting to you the ability to choose both the retailer, and price, that best suits their needs. It made registering a truly enjoyable experience that saved me so much time and money! I loved knowing that I was getting the best deal for myself and my family and friends.” – Alexandra Pagar-Wolf, Chief of Sales & Marketing

babylist registry must-haves

1. aden + anais burp cloths / 2. ubbi diaper pail / 3. magnetic me footie


Group Gifts

“People will tell you kids are expensive, but until you discover the average price of childcare in your area or how much the newest stroller all your friends are recommending costs—you don’t quite get it. So it’s helpful to register for some of those big ticket baby items like nursery furniture, car seats, strollers, and more. Of course, a $400 crib or $600 stroller aren’t exactly accessible gifts for most friends and family, so Babylist offers group gift options for any item sold on the Babylist site. These group gifts mean you can feel OK adding big ticket items to your registry, and gift-givers can contribute any amount they wish toward the total. I also appreciate this as a gift giver, so I can contribute to a gift the mom-to-be really wants.” – Kathy Sisson, Editor

babylist registry must-haves

1. babylist bottle box / 2. etsy custom art / 3. canopy humidifier


Help & Favors

“Our first little one came two weeks earlier than expected. To say our house was not ready is a huge understatement (i.e. we didn’t even have a bassinet set up, bottles were not opened or washed, etc.). Plus, I ended up having a C-section, which basically rendered me very physically limited the first week we were home. We were totally disheveled, our house was a disaster, and the thing that helped us get through it was meals being provided by loved ones. The same thing applied when we brought our second son home when our first was just 17-months-old and we had two under two, plus a dog, plus my second C-section recovery. Babylist allows you to register for help in the form of meals, babysitting and assistance with older children’s schedules, even sending a cleaning service–all things that lose priority but are so desperately needed in those crucial first weeks. It’s a brilliant addition to a registry, and I’m so grateful Babylist thought of adding it!” – Alaina Kaz, Founder & CEO

babylist registry

1. mockingbird double stroller / 2. lovevery play mat / 3. freshly gift card


babylist registry must-haves


Weekly Email Updates

“I spent a lot of my pregnancy being overwhelmed by the amount of information and also unsure of where to start. Add hormones and months of severe nausea, and it’s no wonder I sobbed uncontrollably while trying to do stroller research and every name felt like it was merging into one long IKEA catalog from outer space. Keko? Vista? Pipa? LXFP? Don’t get me started. That’s why I appreciated Babylist’s weekly email updates so much. The emails are incredibly helpful, digestible, and share exactly what you need to know (or be planning for) and when. The format is perfect for getting the highlights, but always offers the option to read more on a topic you’re interested in. Plus, you get articles from all over the internet that you might be interested in, as well as product recommendations. My favorite part was the weekly update on baby’s size. No weird fruits you’ve never even seen in your grocery store—Babylist shares comparison objects you actually know, like Mr. Potato Head, a bag of chips, and even a George Foreman grill.” – Allyson Trammell, Editor-in-Chief, The Everygirl

babylist registry must-haves

1. frida mom kit / 2. baby björn bouncer / 3. angel baby bath tub


Helpful Guides

“Being a first-time-mom is overwhelming enough. Add to that creating a baby registry, and you can end up feeling totally lost. When I was pregnant with my son, it was really hard to narrow down which items were necessary for our small Brooklyn space—making sure I had covered what I needed, but also giving plenty of budget-friendly gift options for friends and family. As a first-time-mom, I was basically clueless as to what items I would not be able to live without, and what items I would use once for a cute picture and never look at again. Babylist made it so much easier to navigate the whole process, particularly with using their guides (I also loved the sample registries by style, store, and even personalities). It’s an easy way to get expert advice on all the baby gear you need and create a registry right there as well.” – Roberta Correia, Editor-in-Chief, The Everymom

babylist registry must-haves

1. diaper caddy / 2. doona car seat stroller / 3. frida baby nosefrida


Hello Baby Box

“There are seriously so many things to love about Babylist, but one thing that really stood out to me when I was expecting my first child is their Hello Baby Box. Once you sign up for their registry service, they immediately ship you a care package filled to the brim with goodies for baby. And it’s not just travel-sized junk that you won’t really use. They included products that I used all throughout my son’s first year. Beginning my pregnancy journey with tons of quality products and access to a helpful resource like Babylist really helped ease my first-time-mom anxiety. Plus, they even have their own storefront and provide moms with a 15% off Babylist discount for their first purchase. I definitely made use of that after our baby shower, and applied it to a splurge item I had my eye on.” – Steph Alleva Cornell, Branded Content Editor

babylist hello baby box

babylist registry must-haves

1. lalo high chair / 2. solly baby wrap / 3. babyletto madison glider


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