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Minimalist Mom: Ditch the Diaper Bag With These 15 Functional Belt Bags


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best belt bags"
best belt bags
Source: @kiboubag
Source: @kiboubag

I’ve always lusted after the idea of being a minimalist. Have I ever made it happen? Not really. I got pretty close during my span of three big moves in three years. With each move, I sold or donated a big chunk of my belongings, majorly cutting down the amount of stuff in my home. Then, I had a baby, and not only did my stuff multiply again—but it inspired me to hunt for the best belt bags to store my mom essentials while keeping my hands free.

Post-baby, my minimalist dreams couldn’t seem further away. All areas of my life were overflowing with stuff. My formerly-organized kitchen cabinets are now stuffed with 10 different types of bottles, the play area perpetually looks like a rainbow exploded, and my diaper bag somehow weighs 15 pounds.

Let’s talk more about my diaper bag. While the rest of my home won’t be a minimalist mecca anytime soon, I do think I can improve my diaper bag situation. In the very early days of motherhood, leaving the house felt impossible. If I was going to do it, it was necessary to pack like I was going away for a week. You know, just in case.

But now, my baby is out of the newborn stage, and though I do still need to be properly prepared, my overflowing diaper bag is a bit excessive. I decided to pare down my bag to see if we could get by with the bare minimum. Instead of packing up my big diaper bag (which is the Classic Diaper Bag by Freshly Picked, which I do really love!), I opted for the modern mom’s fanny pack—a belt bag.

I’m not the first one to think of a belt bag as a diaper bag replacement. Makers behind some of the cult favorite diaper bags—like Dagne Dover, Kibou, and Calpakhave moved into the belt bag space. Read on for why I love using a diaper belt bag, plus shop some of our favorite styles!

Why Belt Bags are Great

It forces me to pack super light, it’s hands-free, and it keeps essentials right at my fingertips (I love my diaper backpack, but it’s an effort every time I need to grab something). And it worked!

For shorter outings, a belt bag with a handful of necessities was perfect. It was a literal weight off my shoulders. These chic and small belt bags are ideal for predictable outings, like going for a walk or out for errands. And for outings that are a drive away, I keep a mini stash of emergency items in the trunk (toys, extra outfits, etc.) When I get out of the car, a belt bag is all I need. It’s also great for flights with kids—it’s the ideal size accessory to bring into an airplane bathroom for diaper changes. 

To be clear though, I’m not getting rid of my real diaper bag anytime soon. A fully-stocked bag is still required for some outings. However, I’ve come to learn it’s not necessary to lug it with me every time I leave the house. More often than not, a functional belt bag does the trick. While my house may be far from the minimalist haven I dream of, my diaper bag has gotten pretty close.

Shop the Best Diaper Belt Bags

kibou diaper bag
Vegan Leather Belt Bag

Kibou thought of everything with this versatile belt bag. It comes with a built-in (and detachable changing pad) and even has a waterproof pocket for wipes.

7 colors available

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ditty co. diaper belt bag
Amazon | Ditty Co.
Crossbody Fanny Pack

This 2-in-1 crossbody fanny pack is just what you need to keep your essentials organized while looking chic. It comes with a matching changing pad, is waterproof, and can maintain its color and shape even after washing.

3 colors available

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calpak luka belt bag
Luka Belt Bag

An editor-favorite brand, we couldn’t resist adding their best-selling belt bag into the mix. It’s lightweight, has multiple pockets for convenient storage, and can double as a stylish accessory!

10+ colors available

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storq diaper belt bag
Quick Change Fanny Pack

Made with wipeable and machine-washable heavyweight nylon, this oversized belt bag can be worn as a fanny pack on your waist or as a crossbody over your chest. It also includes a changing pad enclosed within a magnetic pocket inside.

3 colors available

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dagne dover belt bag
Dagne Dover
Ace Fanny Pack

With a zippered front pocket and lots of inside compartments, this belt bag holds everything you need for quick outings.

10+ colors available

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large adventure belt bag
City Adventurer Belt Bag

Consider this the elevated version of Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag. Designed with plenty of room, plus inner and outer pockets—you’ll never have to worry about running out of space again.

2 colors available

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fawn design belt bag
Fawn Design
The Fawny Pack

If you love the Fawn Design diaper bag like many moms do, this is the next must-own piece. It’s made from premium vegan leather and has a main zipper compartment to fit everything from your wallet to diapers and wipes.

4 colors available

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colugo diaper belt bag
The On the Go Organizer

This small bag packs a surprising amount of gear (it even has cup holders!). It can attach to your stroller or be worn as a belt bag or crossbody bag.

10 colors and patterns available

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lululemon everyday belt bag
Everywhere Belt Bag Large 2L

There’s a reason that this Lululemon belt bag has a cult following: it’s ultra-functional. It’s a reasonable option for a diaper bag replacement, but includes three mesh pockets within and can hold all of the essentials.

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freshly picked minimal belt bag
Amazon | Freshly Picked
Classic Park Pack

Freshly Picked calls this the tiny but mighty “mamacessory,” and we agree! It has a wide-zippered opening, interior card slots, and plenty of space for diapers and wipes.

10 colors available

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beis belt bag
The Belt Bag

Swap out your diaper bag with this Béis belt bag that features a convertible strap that can be worn as a crossbody, around your waist, or even on the stroller. Plus, it comes in a variety of the cutest colors.

7 colors available

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ayla & co belt bag
ayla & co
Ayla Fanny Pack

This belt bag comes with ample space to accommodate your diaper bag and everyday necessities. It also helps that it’s minimal enough for your fashion needs!

6 colors available

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patagonia belt bag
Ultralight Black Hole

If you prefer a sporty look, the Patagonia belt bag is the one for you. It’s durable, lightweight (it only weighs 3.5 oz!), and is water resistant. Plus, it’s packable and folds up into its own front pocket, making this is a great option to keep in your larger diaper bag.

8 colors available

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mz wallace belt bag
Metro Belt Bag

More of a splurge, this MZ Wallace belt bag can fit your essentials while looking stylish—whether you’re with baby or not.

7 colors available

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