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The Absolute Best White Tees, Tested and Reviewed By Our Editors

written by JESSICA WELSH

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best white tees"
best white tees
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

There are a few wardrobe staples in life for which you simply must find the best of the best: your go-to jeans, a pair of heels you can actually wear, a little black dress that makes you feel instantly sexy, and a great white tee. However, the hunt for those items—particularly for the best white tees that are flattering and actually hold up wear after wear—is not an easy one.

Although white tees are a wardrobe essential year-round, they’re especially great in the summertime. Pair a white T-shirt with your favorite comfy shorts, a pair of linen pants, or classic denim for an easy mom uniform look. Style that same white tee with a midi skirt or a lightweight blazer for a more dressed-up look.

In an effort to get you ready to put together outfits all summer long, we’ve turned inward to our team to gather the absolute best white tees that you can add to your wardrobe. These are white T-shirts that have been tested, reviewed, and vetted by our writers and editors. Save that valuable time it would take to scour and read reviews of the thousands of options out there, and check out our tried-and-true best white T-shirts below.

Everlane Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee

everlane box-cut tee

I probably wear some variation of a white tee every week—whether a tank, a long-sleeve, or a short-sleeved tee. After seeing this Everlane tee in capsule wardrobes on The Everymom and The Everygirl, I finally decided to add to cart. And it’s now become my go-to wardrobe staple.

The organic cotton fabric is thicker than a typical tee, and the fit is more structured. So I wear it when I’m trying to look a little more polished—like when I’m trying to channel classic Jennifer Aniston in a white tee and jeans.

The tee itself is a substantial weight, so it’s opaque and looks nice wash-after-wash, including the collar (the collars of my cheaper tees from Target, while comfortable, tend to curl and don’t lay flat). I’d say I’d buy more, but this one $30 tee has held up so well that I don’t think I’ll need another one any time soon. Unless I want to grab the pocket version or branch out into one of Everlane’s other 15+ colors.
Kathy Sisson, Senior Editor

best white tees everlane
Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee

sizes XXS – XXXL

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A New Day Slim Fit Ribbed T-Shirt

 a new day ribbed t-shirt

After seeing this tee on all of my friends for months—and listening to their rave reviews of it—I finally decided to grab a couple for myself. I purchased it in white and gray. And I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear them both before they can even be put away after doing laundry.

The thing I appreciate the most about this T-shirt is the high neckline. In my personal hunt for the best white tees, I’ve come across so many that are just not high enough for me. I think the higher neckline gives it a much more elevated “fashion girl” look. It also looks great peeking out under sweaters in the fall and winter.

I won’t lie and say that it’s the most high-quality thing I own. It is $8, after all (and I even think I got mine during a two for $12 deal). However, it’s held up pretty well after being washed again and again. The only place it’s showing wear is in the armpits (what white tee doesn’t?). But I do think I could get it back to looking fresh with some extra care in the laundry room.

Jessica Welsh, Commerce Editor

best white tees target
Target | A New Day
Slim Fit Short Sleeve Ribbed T-Shirt

sizes XS – 4X

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CUTS Tomboy Tee

best white tees cuts tomboy

I was recently influenced by fashion stylist Kenzie Welch’s Instagram content to purchase the CUTS Tomboy Tee. I’d been on the hunt for capsule-wardrobe-worthy white tees that wouldn’t look out of place layered beneath a blazer. And given Welch’s corporatecore expertise and general aesthetic, I decided to pony up the $50+ and give this top a try. Because the staple white color was sold out upon my time of ordering, I went with the off-white “birch” color. I do not exaggerate when I say this tee absolutely blew me away upon arrival. 

The material is unbelievably soft and opaque while still remaining breathable, and it contours the body in the most flattering fit possible. If you’re someone who is constantly chasing casual, cool, and elevated dressing, then this is the tee for you. I’ve enjoyed styling this tee with both jeans and trousers and underneath blazers and V-neck sweaters. Given how well it has held up through many washes (it still looks brand new), I fully expect to be wearing this tee for years to come.
—Emilee Janitz, Contributing Writer

best white tees cuts
Tomboy Tee

sizes XS – XXL

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Old Navy Bestee Crop T-Shirt

best white tees old navy bestee

I couldn’t even add up how much money I’ve spent on basic white tees over the years trying to find the perfect fit. I can’t stand shirts that are too tight, but I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a grocery bag. As someone with a short torso, I gravitate towards a more cropped fit. But most crops take their job a little too seriously and barely cover your ribcage. My search could put Goldilocks to shame, yet it paid off because I finally found a white tee from Old Navy that was just right. 

Old Navy’s Bestee Crop T-Shirt is the kind of white tee you love so much you’d buy ten of them just to be safe. It’s what I call an “elevated crop” because it sits below the waist, so there’s no incessant pulling down to cover the goods. Since it’s a slim fit, it hugs in all the right places. However, it still has some room so I’m not self-consciously readjusting the stomach area. The lightweight jersey fabric is airy enough to wear even in 110-degree Texas summers, which is a feat in itself.

I wear it with a myriad of different outfits, from shorts to skirts, and even layered under vests or cardigans. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear this top at least once a week—it looks good with everything. In fact, I just convinced myself to place an order for two more as backups.
Steph Alleva Cornell, Branded Content Editor

best white tees old navy
Old Navy
Bestee Crop T-Shirt

sizes XXS – 4X; also comes in tall and petite

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The Drop Courtney T-Shirt

best white tees the drop courtney

As someone with a short torso, I’m always looking for a cropped tee that’s just long enough to be tucked into jeans or shorts. This The Drop option from Amazon is the perfect fit. At under $20, this T-shirt is an inexpensive option that’s surprisingly high-quality for the price. It’s made from 100 percent cotton, feels super soft, and has held up really well over time. I wear (and wash) these white tees constantly and they look just as good as the first wear. I also love the classic crewneck cut of this tee. It’s a classic look to wear on its own and also works as a great layering piece under sweaters or blazers. 

As for sizing, I actually own this tee in two sizes and wear both depending on my outfit. Both are bigger than my usual size, so note that, at least for me, this top runs a little small. One option in my closet is two sizes larger than my typical size. That one is a great looser fit for wearing with leggings, shorts, and tucked into jeans. For a more fitted, layering look under sweaters or blazers, I wear one size up from my normal size. If you’re looking for a basic tee at a budget-friendly price, I highly recommend this one.
Julia Poulter, Senior Managing Editor

best white tees amazon
Amazon | The Drop
Courtney Tiny Crewneck Jersey T-Shirt

sizes XXS – 5X

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CUTS Almost Friday Tee

best white tees cuts almost friday

You know that vision you hold in your mind of the perfect, casual white T-shirt? The CUTS Almost Friday tee is that T-shirt. The cut, while relaxed, is incredibly flattering (not too long or too short, nor too tight or too oversized). It is about to be the tee I personally reach for three out of seven days this summer. Basically, whenever it’s clean. 

While the price point is a little higher than some may be looking to spend on a basic white tee (I know for me it took some willpower to press “place order”), the quality holds up, and I have yet to experience an ounce of buyer’s remorse. I love that the material has yet to show any wear (after many washes) and isn’t see-through. The relaxed style also makes it the absolute perfect top for pairing with a variety of shorts—from denim to boxers—during the warmer months. Beyond staple white, I am constantly browsing the product listing, looking for new colors of this top to add to my closet. It’s that good.  
—Emilee Janitz, Contributing Writer

best white tees cuts
Almost Friday Tee

sizes XS – XXL

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A New Day Short Sleeve T-Shirt

best white tees a new day short sleeve

At just $6, I can’t rave enough about this T-shirt. Target is always a go-to for basics, but I never have ultra-high expectations. I picked this one up one day when I was perusing and decided I could use some new white tees at a price that literally can’t be beat. Let me tell you: It has far exceeded my expectations. 

I wear it more often than I’d like to admit. It quickly gained a spot in the weekly roundup of clothes I gravitate towards day to day because it pairs well with everything. Plus, it’s held up so nicely for being so budget-friendly. It’s soft and comfortable and has become even more so over time. It’s become my go-to for everything. I pair it with jeans or yoga pants and a hat for running errands, or my favorite leggings when working from home, and grab it for any casual outfit again and again.
Brett Nicole Hayden, Editorial Assistant

best white tees target
Target | A Brand New Day
Short Sleeve T-Shirt

sizes XS – 4X

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SKIMS Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

best white tees skims cotton jersey

As a SKIMS girl through and through, it was only right for me to purchase their best-selling Cotton Jersey T-Shirt. I can confidently say that this top is in my weekly rotation, and I find myself constantly reaching for it. It’s the perfect base for any outfit and can easily layer with other pieces. I recommend sizing down if you want a more fitted shirt. I would also advise pairing it with a nude bra to eliminate the chance of it showing through. But I love that it hugs me in all the right places. Its smooth appearance is flattering for all body types.

The price point is on the higher end, but I’ve had this for over a year and it still holds its original softness. I typically like to wash it in cold water and dry it on low. I have seen that this has helped maintain the quality. So, if you’re looking to invest in simple wardrobe basics, you will not be disappointed with this SKIMS tee.
Gianna Aldana, Commerce Editorial Assistant

best white tees skims
Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

sizes XXS – 4X

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Beyond Yoga Featherweight One & Only Maternity Tee

best white tees beyond yoga maternity

I was adamantly against “maternity” clothing for much of my pregnancy and still try to avoid it when I can. However, when eight months in, every shirt in my wardrobe became a crop top, I had to embark on a search for the perfect white maternity T-shirt. I’m all for a belly-out moment here and there, but sometimes you just need full coverage. This Featherweight Tee from Beyond Yoga has been in constant rotation since I found it. The material is incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for summer weather (and just being pregnant in general—breathability is key!). 

It feels like more of a super soft athletic material on, but it doesn’t read that way in person. So it still works well with jeans, sweaters, and linen pants in addition to traditional athletic wear. The ruching on the side makes it SO comfortable (and flattering!) over the bump, and I don’t have to worry about constantly pulling it down. It is on the thinner side and can be slightly see-through, so I either wear a nude bra or a sports bra underneath. I wash it on a regular cycle with my other whites and hang to dry. I have no complaints about how it’s held up so far. It is on the pricier side ($76), but I seriously wear it at least two to three times per week, so it’s well worth it to me.
Meagan McCormick, Director of Marketing

best white tees beyond yoga
Beyond Yoga
Featherweight One & Only Maternity Tee

sizes XS – XL

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