Warm and Functional Boots to Keep Your Toddler Playing Outside This Winter

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After a week straight of rain and chilly weather, I finally caved and decided it was time to buy my toddler proper winter boots. I’d been hesitant because she’s mostly in her stroller when we’re outside, her shoe size seems to grow daily, and part of me didn’t want to admit that it was indeed nearly winter and yes, winter boots are a must, even for my tiny companion.

If you’ve been holding off on winter gear, now’s the time to get moving. Who knows what kind of winter we have ahead of us (please let it be mild), but no matter what the temperature or elements end up being, kids need fresh air and the ability to run around and splash in the puddles and the slush.

When shopping for winter boots, make sure they aren’t too snug (as I mentioned, kids’ feet grow fast), look for a lightweight yet warm pair, and make sure you pay attention to the sizing and if you’re buying the toddler size or the kid-size. There’s a major difference here. If you’re shopping for a toddler, make sure they are labeled as toddler shoes or have a “T” in the size chart.

Here are 11 pairs of boots to check out to keep your tiny tot warm, dry, and having fun outside this winter.


Cold-Weather Kids’ Fashion Boots



Cat & Jack Toddler Girls' Alani Faux Fur Shearling Boots

Like adult Ugg-esque shoes, these never tend to last too long in the slush, but they are a cute pair for colder days.

Tiny Toes and Tiaras

JVD Bootie

These shoes are more for a stylish winter look and less for romping around in the snow.

Ten Little

Everyday High Top

A great pair for cold (but not-snowy) days this winter. Ten Little's website helps you to find the perfect fit for your child and is definitely worth checking out if you are never quite sure you're buying the right size.


Baby Bogs Insulated Waterproof Rain Boots

Bogs' handles make it easy for kids to pull their boots on themselves. Baby and toddler sizes and plenty of colors and patterns available.


Cat & Jack Toddler Rain Boots

If you're dealing with rain but not a lot of snow, rain boots can be sufficient. Just pair them with extra warm socks if the temps are chilly.


Source: @ojuspatel


Cold-Weather Kids’ Snow Boots



Toddlers' Ultralight Winter Boots

Lightweight yet warm, these are great for snowy weather and will keep your little one running at full-speed.


Whitney II Strap Boots

Another very-cozy pair that are adorable and functional.


See Kai Run Gilman Waterproof Insulated Boots

These bright and warm boots will keep your kiddo playing outside for the long haul.


Cat & Jack Toddler Girls' Journey Winter Boots

These breathable shoes keep your little one's toes warm while giving them good traction for snowy play.


Toddler Snow Commander Boot

These boots will stand up to even the deepest and slushiest of puddles.

Lands' End

Toddlers Snow Flurry Insulated Winter Boots

Be ready for any type of wintery conditions with these power boots from Lands' End.


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