The Boutique Baby Clothing Brands We Love to Splurge On

When it comes to baby clothes, practical and cost-effective is usually the key—babies are quite unpredictable, to be honest, and between their big messes and quick growth, baby clothes don’t have a very long life. Being smart about clothes shopping and relying on hand-me-downs and big brand basics only make good sense.

But they are your precious babies, and sometimes it’s fun to splurge—especially when it comes to gifts and special occasions. I, for one, always overload friends with tons of Gerber white, side-snap shirts for their newborns, but I also love throwing in a few special splurge pieces. Not only is it sweet to dress your darling little one in something special, but those items often become the keepsakes you hold on to for years to come.

These brands are the ones our editors turn to for those moments—not always practical for everyday wear, but the things we buy when we want something special for our kids or the many other kids we love in our lives.


1. Mori

2. Lou Lou & Company

Lou Lou & Company

Top Knot Hat

Lou Lou & Company

Hank Knotted Gown

Lou Lou & Company

Ezra Top & Bottoms

Lou Lou & Company

Arden Knotted Gown

3. Wheat

4. Childhoods Clothing

5. Parade Organics

6. Cecil and Lou

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