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5 of the Best Bralettes for Plus Size Women

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Finding bras that fit perfectly as a woman is difficult on a good day. As a plus-size woman, it can be even more difficult to find clothing and lingerie that doesn’t just feel good but looks good as well. And finding the perfect bralette that fits in all the right places, is comfortable, and sexy … well when that happens, it’s practically a reason to throw a party.

Often it can seem like the bras that fit best are made in solid drab colors with tiny bows, making me feel less like myself and more like my grandmother. So what makes a bralette brilliant?



As moms, we want clothing that fits right without pinching or pulling. It doesn’t slip when we bend down to kiss tear covered cheeks or play tag for the thousandth time.



When it comes to bralettes, it is important to be able to wear them while lounging around the house but also under a shirt for a quick trip to the grocery store without worrying about a nip slip. 



Just because we want a bralette that fits well and is versatile doesn’t mean we want to compromise on how it looks or makes us feel. As moms, we compromise on a lot of things, but we still want to feel cute and/or sexy. Personally, I draw the line at ugly underwear.


So, here are five of my favorite bralettes that check these boxes and have become staples in my wardrobe.

Savage X Fenty
Lace Bralette

The mesh adds a sexy element to this black bralette.

Up to size 3X.

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Lace Bralette

This also comes in white and is the bralette is a perfect staple to include in your coziest outfits.

Up to size 4X.

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Black Lace Bralette

If I had to wear a bra all day, this would be my go-to choice every time.

Up to size 6X.

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Bare Necessities
Leisure Bralette

The little basic bralette that everyone needs.

Also vailable in nude and white. Up to size 4X.

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Lace Bralette

This bralette is both comfy and sexy.

Up to a size 3X.

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This article was originally published on September 20, 2020 and has been updated for timeliness. 


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