Hannah Nguyen

Former Junior Email Editor
hannah nguyen

Hannah is the Junior Email Editor at The Everygirl Media Group. She curates, coordinates, and designs newsletters for The Everygirl and The Everymom. Hannah’s in charge of keeping you updated by delivering fresh new content directly to your inbox. 

  • Location: Orange County, CA
  • Education: Chapman University 
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Hannah’s love for storytelling started at an early age when she would spend most of her freetime at her local library reading as many books as possible. This passion would only continue to manifest as time passed, leading her to want to share stories with the world. Hannah has spent most of her life educating and bettering herself through the content she has consumed and hopes to do the same with others. She strives to empower and better others through the content that she creates and shares.


Wanting to take her storytelling skills to the next level, Hannah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Chapman University. She then went on to work as a writer and editor for a fashion, art, and entertainment magazine, where she grew their editorial team and brand voice. Wanting to further tap into her creativity Hannah joined The Everygirl Media Group in 2022. As the Junior Email Editor, Hannah pursues her goal of directly reaching others through her newsletters with the fun and inspiring content that she and her team specially creates for their readers.

Fun Stuff

When she’s not spending time with friends and family, Hannah can be found snuggling up in bed playing Animal Crossing (her happy place). Hannah loves everything art-related and enjoys painting, bullet journaling, and digital illustration. She loves to be surrounded by cute things, especially plushies and art and has been a long-time Sanrio lover. She’s obsessed with her white long-haired Syrian hamster, Popcorn, and makes it her priority to shower him with lots of affection (despite his protests).

About The Everygirl Media Group

She’s the seasoned mom, the new mom, the expecting mom. She’s trying to become a mom. Fierce, smart, always multi-tasking

She is passionate about life, her family, and her own self-care. She wants to learn new things and seeks advice on everything from vacation planning to sleep training to prioritizing time for herself. She’s the working mom, the stay-at-home mom.

She needs a bit of guidance, she wants to be inspired.

She is The Everymom. This is for her.