Cute, Comfy, and Mom-Friendly Sleepwear to Get You Ready for Date Night

A new survey of 2,000 American adults found that 81 percent said they get excited for Valentine’s Day, compared to just 68 percent who get excited for the holidays. Maybe it’s because the timing is just right; regardless of how much we love the holiday spirit in November and December, the stress and chaos of the holidays are behind us by mid-February. Or maybe its popularity stems from those of us living in climates with four seasons where Valentine’s Day marks a midpoint in the long stretch of winter. Either way, it’s fun to look forward to a holiday meant to warm us up.

The survey also found the majority of people celebrate Valentine’s Day with more than just their significant other, whether it be family, friends, or pets. In this roundup, we had both your significant other and your family in mind with a range of cute, comfy (some a little sexy) pajamas and loungewear pieces perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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