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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of La Crema, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.

Favorite Things Parties Are Trending: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

written by KATHY SISSON

This post contains a sponsored inclusion of La Crema, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.

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favorite things party"
favorite things party
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

Take a look at your current group text thread. Among the pics, inside jokes, and other banter are probably some friend-to-friend recommendations—favorite restaurants, beauty products, and bedtime hacks. A plea to make some plans together is probably in the thread, too. For friends longing to get together and who love sharing what they love with who they love—you’ll want to hear about the latest party trend: a Favorite Things Party. 

For those learning about Favorite Things Parties for the first time, they are parties where guests are asked to bring their favorite thing (or multiple things!) to share in a gift exchange with the other attendees. Favorite Things Parties are perfect for creative holiday gift exchanges, Galentine’s Day gatherings, girls’ night celebrations, or just as an excuse to get together.

Here, we’re sharing everything to know about these trending gatherings, including Favorite Things Party theme ideas and how to host!

What Is a Favorite Things Party?

Favorite Things Parties are all about sharing your favorites with your friends. So rather than a white elephant gift party when you leave with something silly, random, or re-gifted, you leave with some of your friends’ favorite products!

There are many ways to structure a Favorite Things Party. For example, last year, my girlfriends and I adjusted our yearly gift exchange to be a beauty-product-themed Favorite Things Party. We each brought our favorite beauty product under $40 and wrapped it up. We drew numbers to see who got to pick a gift first. Then each of us chose to open a wrapped gift or steal a previously opened gift. It was fun to both share why we loved each product as they were opened AND go home with something new to try.

Why are Favorite Things Parties trending? For one, many of us are still managing the pandemic fallout and craving time spent with those we love. Secondly, there are few things we trust more than recommendations from our closest friends. Finally, good ideas are readily shared thanks to social media, so when something catches on—it spreads.

How to Host a Favorite Things Party

Because not everyone will be familiar with the concept, be sure to clearly set the ground rules for your Favorite Things Party. You’ll want to decide on a budget, gifting structure, and theme. Here are some more tips for hosting:

favorite things party
Source: Antoni Shkraba | Pexels

Choose Your Favorite Things Gift Exchange Structure

There are a number of ways a Favorite Things Party can be structured. Here are some recommendations.

For a Larger Group

Bring One Favorite Item: Everyone brings one favorite one-size-fits-all item that is wrapped. Decide how to handle the gift exchange. Draw numbers from a bowl. Set a limit on “steals.” And everyone goes home with one new item.

For a Mid-Sized Group

Bring Two of the Same Favorite Item—One to Gift and One to Share: Like wine-tasting or trying products at a Sephora store, bring two of the same item—one to open at the party for guests to “sample” and one to send home with a party guest. Best for mid-sized groups and product themes conducive to samplings like our go-to La Crema wine, snacks, or beauty products. Everyone gets to sample during the party and goes home with one new item.

Bring Three of the Same Favorite Item: Everyone brings three of their favorite items, unwrapped. All gifts are stored on one table and each person can share why they love the product. Then by drawing numbers, everyone can one-by-one choose a gift from the table until there are no items left. Everyone goes home with three new items. 

For a Smaller Group

Favorite Items for All: Everyone brings enough of their favorite items to share with everyone invited to the party. Best to keep the per-item budget low for this one, depending on the number of guests. And you’ll want to let invitees know how many items of each to bring at least one week before the party so they can shop ahead of time.

Choose Your Favorite Things Party Theme

Either choose a category of products (i.e. beauty products, books, etc.) or just set a budget level and let guests choose their favorite anything. Host tip: Provide gift bags or personalized bags so everyone has a place to put their new gifts at the end of the party. Here are a few theme ideas for Favorite Things Party inspiration. 

Perfect Pairings Party

Perfect for wine lovers, everyone brings two of their favorite bottles of wine for a tasting set up by the host (cheese and chocolate, recommended!) and one unopened bottle to gift. Make it even more entertaining by doing a blind taste test. Wrap wine bottles in foil and label them (A,B,C, etc.), and allow everyone to sample and write down their favorites. For the gift exchange, choose numbers, and everyone can pick their favorite unopened bottle.

favorite things wine tasting party
Source: Alaina Kaz

When it comes to what wine to bring or serve at a Favorite Things Pairings Party, we turn to the wine that’s never let us down: La Crema. Not only does La Crema offer an elegant and elevated selection from vineyards in Sonoma and Monterey, California, but they’re wines you’ll be proud to share. From their sweet and flirty Rosé to their bold and cozy Pinot Noir and beyond, you’ll find a fast favorite that you’ll want to recommend to everyone you know.

If you’re hosting a wine pairings party, you’ll also want to have extra bottles on hand for hosting, too. Make sure you’re fully stocked for entertaining with La Crema’s Wine Club, our best-kept secret for getting the most out of our wine of choice. Save 20% and receive three shipments of six bottles throughout the year (18 bottles total). Choosing their mixed wine option (white, rosé, and Pinot Noir) means you’ll always have wine to entertain on hand and a trusty last-minute gift option for those spur-of-the-moment celebrations). Plus, you can receive extra perks through the club like discounts on cases and even complementary tastings for you and your friends if you visit La Crema’s vineyard. Girls’ trip to wine country? Sign us up!

la crema wine club
La Crema
Wine Club

Choose to receive six or 12 bottles per shipment, three times per year.

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Favorite Things Holiday Gift Exchange

The holidays are the most popular time of year for Favorite Things Parties in lieu of a traditional gift exchange between friends. Create a party playlist, plan your menu, and send out party invites like these cute options:

favorite things party
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Season of Giving Favorite Things Invite
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favorite things party
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Gifts and Glasses Favorite Things Invite
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Mimosas & Must-Haves

Brunch is for the girls, making a “Mimosas and Must-Haves” party a fun alternative to an evening soirée. Plus, it works with any favorite things theme.

favorite things party
Etsy | Cadence Paige
Mimosas and Must-Haves Invites
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favorite things party
Etsy | Eat Couture Cupcakes
Favorite Things Napkins
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Galentine’s Day Gift Exchange

We welcome any excuse to get together with girlfriends, and Galentine’s Day can give you and your friends something to look forward to after the craziness of the holidays. While the official celebration of female friendship is on February 13th, plan on getting together any time in February before Valentine’s Day.

favorite things party
Etsy | Moon Paper Events
Favorite Things Party Invitation
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favorite things party
Etsy | Harlow Stone Design Company
Galentine's Day Invite
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‘Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover’ Exchange

Take a concept libraries and bookstores love—”blind date with a book”—and bring it to your Favorite Things Party. Everyone brings a wrapped copy of a recent favorite book and adds clues to the wrapped cover (i.e. “A Meet Cute With Cozy Fall Vibes”). Guests can choose a book that best fits their mood. So no one gets left with a book they’ve already read, allow for friendly trades at the end—or the host can have extra picks on hand.

favorite things book club
Source: Etsy | Spellbound Books Shop

Beauty/Skincare Swap

Everyone loves a tried-and-true beauty and skincare recommendation, especially when it comes from your friend. As products are opened during this Favorite Things Party, encourage everyone to share why they love their product(s).

Favorite Things Party
Source: Elevae Visuals

Enjoy Spending Time With Your Favorite People

Gifts aside, the best part about a Favorite Things Party is you’re getting to spend time with your favorite people. So soak in the moment, take some pics, and have fun!

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of La Crema but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.