First Birthday Outfits and Accessories to Make Your Little One’s Day Extra Special

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Before my first baby was born, I remember thinking I would dress him up in the cutest outfits all the time. After he arrived, I quickly realized that many of those extra special clothes I bought him would only be worn for certain extra special occasions.

With all of the spitting up, pooping, drooling, nose-dripping, and messy eating babies do, it’s honestly a miracle any of his baby clothes made it through unstained. I wish I could say I learned from the experience, but when I found out my second baby was a girl, I once again went a little too far with the cute outfits.

Some special occasions and holidays warrant breaking out the fancy baby outfits, and your baby’s first birthday seems like one of those extra special moments. If you ask me, this is as much a celebration of the baby as it is of the parents for making it through the first year.

If your little one’s first birthday is coming up—or if you just like planning ahead—below are 23 of our favorite first birthday outfits and accessories.


Baby's First Birthday Party Hat

also comes in blue

Pout & Dimples

Lil' King Set

also available in white with gold lettering

Bella Bliss

John John Outfit

other plaids and monogramming available

Janie and Jack

Frenchie Shawl Cardigan

full outfit available

Bella Bliss

Fall Bradley Button-In

monogramming available

Janie and Jack

Plaid Poplin Bodysuit

full outfit available


Neutral Birthday Crown

multiple colors available

Bella Bliss

Collared Romper

monogramming available

Made By Melissa Dot Love

Custom First Birthday Sweatshirt

more colors available


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